Persona 5 Strikers coming to Steam on February 23rd


Never thought I’d see this day but Persona games are finally coming to PC! I know there’s at least one long-time lurker here who’s been looking forward to this. :slight_smile:



This is awesome news! If only because it does, in fact, mean Sony is very much wishing to put more and more of their titles on PC! Incredible! :slight_smile:


Sweet! If we get P5 I’ll probably play it on PC despite owning the PS4 game.
Not too interested in P4 myself since it’s the only Persona game I’ve already played…


This is all Atlus and Sega. :wink:


Awesome. I love the Persona series ^^ I own all the games (some of them on multiple platforms) and as long as the games are ported properly I’ll probably end up picking them up again :sweat_smile: I’ll probably wait til they’re on sale though. Really glad the series can be brought to a broader audience now though.


Considering that P5 on PC might be a significant wait, you may be better off playing on PS4 first especially if it’s Royal. :grin:


Maybe but it’s the original version. It might just be me but it’s hard to play one version when you know a better one exists.
I don’t actually know what Royal adds.


No, it’s definitely not just you and I do recommend P5R over P5 as there are plenty of changes/additions. But know that P5R on PC won’t happen anytime soon, it’ll take at least a year. Most likely, more.


Never played the persona series but now i just might…


Thx I’ll try to keep it in mind and pick it up used. PS4 games tend to be quick to drop in price.


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Don’t they release on the Sony console?


is it bad that my P5 is still in its original shrink wrap? :man_facepalming:


I got this news report the other day, I have only played 2 persona games due to regional issues, I guess there is no persona Pal love…

persona 1 and persona 5 haha.

I’d stayed away from 5 forever (and as soon as I did buy it… royal came out… ugh) because I wanted to play any other game than 1, because as much as a good classic RPG it is, I remember just stopping playing it for some reason, probably because I was emulating it. Pretty sure physical is EXPENSIVE.

in other words, OH MY GOD I’m so excited for this! I wanted to play 4 so bad and I didn’t know there were rumours for 3! I’d like to round it of by experiencing persona 2 as well, this is a great idea for them even if it is well overdue.


Yes, but Sony doesn’t own the IP.


NICE. Always wanted to play Persona but always only had a PC…

Anyone knows if not playing all the previous entries in the series would cause any problems playing P4?


It’s worth mentioning again that P3 is just a rumor. Don’t read too much into it.


No problem, P4 is self-contained.


Thanks, great to hear.

But just curious, why is it still P4 though? As opposed to just making P4 like a whole new franchise or something.


What do you mean?
It’s a franchise, that doesn’t mean they have to be tied together in a continuous story kind of manner. They share a lot of themes and concepts, they’re all Persona games but each entry in the series is it’s own complete story.