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PC Building Simulator - 11/12/18 - $15


Today’s deal is PC Building Simulator!





So like, millennials, right? A lot of us are them, and a lot of us love making fun of them, and oddly, it’s not so much that people are spreading lies about what millennials are all about. A lot of them DO love avocado toast and most ARE totally incapable of doing a bunch of things that seem like second nature to previous generations, and really, both most millennials and non-millennials agree that the reason they are the way they are is because they weren’t adequately prepared for the world they came of age in.

The only real difference between millennial allies and enemies (aka millenniallies and millennemies) is how you choose to pass judgement on them for this truth, and here at, whether you’re a millennial or not, we think the best way to help people who don’t have information is to teach it to them, especially when it comes to real-world skills that could actually end up helping you in this life, which is why we’re absolutely JACKED to be able to offer you folks PC Building Simulator today for just fifteen bucks.

If there’s one thing anyone reading this probably CAN agree on, it’s that our computers are a big part of our lives, and while this game won’t officially certify you to build PC’s and perform repairs for a living, it might at least give you enough basic understanding to encourage you to try and build your next one and save a little money in the process. And it doesn’t seem like much, sure, but you know what they say about giving a man a fish versus teaching them how to do it, and honestly, most millennials would MUCH rather have fun learning about this than getting up at 5am to go out on a fishing boat for 8 hours, let’s be real, so, you know, buy the game instead. It’s cheaper, too, so you can still buy that iPhone XS Max you need!

The official trailer for PC Building Simulator:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

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Somebody send a key of this game to The Verge before they do more damage


the reviews make me believe that i this game could help me
i’ve been thinking about cleaning my PC but i keep postponing it out of fear
why does it cost so much??

retailers should bundle this game with any big purchase of PC components


Perfect comment.


This certainly could make a good tutorial for anyone wanting to build their own PC, I am unsure how accurate this game come to real life building but it “could” be made to be a good tool