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Pass the AUX



Heyoo, i’ve been trying to branch off into different music genres lately, but i usually come back to my old playlist. I was wondering if you guys and gals could share some music you’ve been listening to. I’m open to all sounds (exect for asmr, PLEASE not asmr).

Thank you to anyone who shares :smiley: <3



I just saw that there is a thread on this already… well poop.


give me a sec

Edit. various music related threads on chrono

should probably be plenty to get some inspiration from somewhere in some of the above, hopefully :metal:


thank you, I shall listen to each song until I DECAY.


Where did you found those? Damn… It’s shame they aren’t in the chrono furms… oh well…


I know right, some are from 2017 XD


There you go, should be plenty of different styles for you to enjoy.


Thank you <3


Awesome topic title…


I’ve always wanted to watch the movie :smiley: Thanks!


here’s the playlist i jam to during work


oh god… thanks?