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Party Hard 2 - 8/28/ - $14.99


Today’s deal is Party Hard 2!





Yo, is it cool if we turn up the music a little bit? It’s starting to get a little full in here and you can barely hear the music anymore.

Uh…yeah, sure. Just…try and keep the speakers away from the walls, okay? My neighbor’s pretty serious about his noise complaints?

Yuck, seriously? Doesn’t he know how crappy the world is today? Doesn’t he know WE NEED THIS???

Well, you know, I tried to explain that to him through his door one time, and he just hit the door so hard it bruised my forehead. I had to wear a bucket hat for like two weeks to cover it!

Okay, wow, he’s not screwing around, is he?

No he is not. I’m actually super scared of him, but like, is that REALLY enough to stop me from having one of my famous “Paul Parties”? Hell no.

And honestly? What a dick, you know? Like Jesus Christ! Everybody knows noise laws are there to stop people from CONSTANTLY having parties, you know? We do at least two full days a week without partying! How is that not enough of a break?

You know what else, too? It’s not like we didn’t invite his creepy ass over, it’s more like he actually doesn’t want to come and would rather just sleep! Who is this guy, Mr. Rogers?

Right? That’s like something my old geometry professor would do!

Yeah! You know, maybe I should just march over there and tell that LOSER…oh…


(I just realized…we’re standing right next to the vent that goes between our two apartments. He can probably hear everything we’re saying…)

Pssh! So? Let him come! You hear that you old loser? This party’s not stopping til everylast person here has DROPPED DEAD!

Jesus, a little dark much?

Who gives a shit, Paul! Let’s Party Hard!

The official trailer for Party Hard 2:

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I have Party Hard 1, I wanted the sequel with more Twitch integrated features, I wanted a discount, and I wanted some way to thank Dusty for his kind help from a few days ago.

Well then… That’s an easy purchase. (I’ll be irritated if I find out I bought it on Steam’s store already.)

Edit: I DIDN’T! That means this purchase on can be used on my account yay!