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Overfall - 11/13/18 - $3.50


Today’s deal is Overfall!




So today’s game Overfall is a great high-fantasy turn based game where you take control of two characters and try your best to change destiny, but more importantly, it’s yet another excellent roguelike, a genre which we here at Chrono think is criminally relegated to video games. If you don’t know what we mean by that, don’t worry, because we’re about to show you five things that would we be way better with roguelike permadeath and reset mechanics.

Dinner. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of people out there who have anxiety about food, never trying to branch out from what they know to be safe in case it’s too gross. If you could just order the oysters and find out by tasting them whether they’re gross or not without paying 30 bucks, a lot more people would probably try oysters.

Tests. Why do we only get one shot at tests? Can you imagine if you had to buy Mario all over again every time you got a game over? With roguelike mechanics applied to tests, not only would you eventually pass, you might actually learn something instead of just studying for your one chance!

Relationships. Man, can you imagine if at 30, after breaking up with someone you’d been with since you were 25, you could just go back to being 25 and start over with everything you learned? It’d be like the end of Groundhog Day, except with you instead of Bill Murray!

Stunts. Stuntman would be a much more popular job if you just got to reset every time you broke all your bones and died. That’s all we got for this one, accidents are scary. We’d at LEAST do more Jackass videos…

Jobs. Ah yes. The ultimate. If every time you screwed up at work, you got to start the same day over with a random stat bonus…you still might hate your job. But hey! At least you’re still unlocking stuff!

Overfall is $3.50 today. That’s worth buying, period. Get it today, play it in a few months, be pleasantly surprised, die, grow, repeat.

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This is the lowest Overfall has ever been discounted, previous low was $3.74 on Steam.

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21 people, including me, have this from my Friends List!:+1:t2:


Careful everyone, I think a certain crustacean from the paleolithic era might be trying to pull a fast one on us.


Neat little rogue-like Turn basted tactics game with a very unfair starting difficulty, even on easy mode. Neat story behind it. And a very tedious unlock mechanics THAT FORCIBLY REQUIRES you to follow the game’s walkthrough and FAQ guide. Seriously whe I played this I had to refer to three different guides just so I could get all unlocks.

Seriously neat game but its over reliance on its guides is kinda not fun as a game player’s perspective. Games SHOULD be playable from start to finish WITHOUT requiring guides for the player, just like how it used to.

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Also I got the game here on Chrono as well when it was offered as a Coin Shop game :+1: