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Outcast: Second Contact - 5/11/20 - $5.69


Today’s deal is Outcast - Second Contact!





“Slade! Slade! Dammit! Listen to me when I’m talking to you! It’s bad enough I had to find you in a bar…”

“Sorry, major. Uhh, it’s just…who are all these people with the microphones and junk?

“Oh, right. Sorry Slade…I guess I mistook you for someone who PAID ATTENTION TO YOUR BRIEFING MATERIAL!!!”

“Look major, just don’t, okay? I’m too hungover for this. Obviously you’re meeting me here in a bar, so I’m the only man for the job, so why don’t you just cut the shit and tell it to me straight? Who the hell are all these guys recording everything we say?”

“Right. To the point. I like it.”


“ANYWAY, if you happened to glance at the 435 page report we sent you last week, you’ll be happy to discover that our engineering team has found a reliable way to tap into the multiverse.”



“Sorry, the multiverse? As in like, parallel universes?”

“I mean if you want to totally oversimplify it, sure. But the point is, we don’t know if we’re the original universe or if there even IS an original universe, but it turns out that in this one, everything we’re saying is going to be used later to sell a video game based on a loose version of whatever the hell is about to happen to you.”

“You mean like, what we’re saying right now is going to become…ad copy?”

“I guess so. Word came down about it from High Command so I didn’t stop to ask too many questions, Slade.”




“Oh, that’s right, this also must be the universe where you spontaneously morph into a cow during this conversation.”


“Anyway, chopper’s outside. No idea if you’re ever going to turn back into a person or not, but you should take comfort that the game based on your life lasts over fifty hours and has a dynamic, fully-featured, fast-paced story.”


“Aw shit, I forgot you’re still a cow.”


“And now I’m slipping into salesman mode, I swear to God…”


“Moo is right.”


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Oh no! :scream:


uh-oh, they found me


This game, or I should rather say the original at least, is a brilliant game. An early attempt at an open world game before our computers could really fully handle it. I have however not tried out this 2nd contact version, yet.


Are you tickled by the remaster enough to spend a Jimmy John’s 8-inch coldcut on it?


I already did… I think, I have already had it for some time. Just have not gotten round to playing it.


I remember reading about the original on a magazine (back when gaming magazines were the way to get gaming info). Apparently it had nice graphics even if you met the minimum requirements. Good to see the protagonist’s look didn’t change too much. Still familiar and not hampered by changed tastes in the current generation.