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Outcast - Second Contact - 4/26/19 - $6.99



Today’s deal is Outcast - Second Contact!





Hey, Cutter?


Cutter Slade? Is that you?

Who’s askin? And why did you just wake me up?

Well, we need you repair a probe…

Right now? In the middle of the night? Why? Can’t it wait ‘til morning?

Umm, actually, not really? Because it’s really dangerous and we don’t know what to do?



Well, where is it? Have the team meet me in the repair bay and we’ll see what we can do. Don’t know why you need a Navy SEAL to repair a friggin’ probe, but…

Ahhh, see, that’s because the probe is actually through the portal in that weird dimension we discovered?


Yeah, and we were taking pictures over there, and it was amazing, and then some alien came along and broke it, so-

No, you know what? I’m tired and I’m not just going to go through some unsafe weird portal to fix a webcam, okay?

Oh, if only that was all.

What do you MEAN? They finally got an Xbox 360 on base, and I was gonna play it today. What else?

Well, when the alien busted the probe, something crazy happened, and now there’s a black hole coming for the Earth.

Jesus! What?


Well why the hell didn’t you lead with that?

I don’t know I didn’t want to scare you!

SCARE me! What the- are the technicians ready?


Well let’s just go, fix it, get in and out, and back here as soon as I can.


I can’t believe I’m missing out on the King Kong game for this…

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This matches the lowest Outcast - Second Contact has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $6.99 on Steam

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This is the kinda corporate meeting I want to be part of.


Love this so much :heart:

Would love to be a part of that meeting too :slight_smile:


The original game was great at it’s time, I hope this remake manages to keep what made the first one so special.


I loved and played several times through the decades" the original game Outcast. Maybe bought the game from Future Shop when it first opened in Saskatchewan(maybe 2001)… I think I had a mail in “rebate” even to offset the cost…Now I am no gamer by far…I played only this one… Is it a Wonder I can easily call Outcast my Favorite RPG of all time… The memories were so great playing and then getting my son involved with Zorkins…. that I did buy on steam say 4 months ago “Second contact”… then say 3 months ago the DRM download was free for a day or two- but computer had to be newer and better (RAM) to play Second outcast… So I haven’t played it-/… when I buy a new PC I’ll be able to play- so long as I can transfer from Steam Account to new PC ….Everyone have a great day…*****


I caved. I NEED to stop this sickness.:exploding_head:

I can’t count the amount of games I have bought that I. CAN. NOT. PLAY!!!:grimacing:

But I read the reviews and watched the video… It’s got some kind of dinos in it. So there’s that…And someone, in a review, said Stargate and Avatar worlds…

I need help, people. And it just keeps getting worse…:hushed::crazy_face::scream:


I like the idea of space weekend. :comet:

Outcast also seems like a good starting game. Publishers messed up the local pricing for Brazil (it’s not localized, just a direct conversion of USD to BRL, which makes it ridiculously expensive) and I’m betting the did the same for other countries too. So hopefully some people were able to get the game at a reasonable price through you guys.


the Dinosaur is the Gorgon (Gor ga zor) lives on an Island that yu have to get too…tall boss who kills yu fast…I am lousey at games this Dino boss was evidence of that it took me many, many,manny, many, many, many, lots of trys to kill him. Loads of hours…Do not even try if don’t have the upgraded “Flamethrower”.
I called it a Horse not a Dino was the animal that worked in the fields and yu needed to attain a GUI to control the mild mannered Beast…Delenn and others who RPG will love both “Outcasts I say”…


Thanks for the info @persistnt. You’re the best :heavy_heart_exclamation:


that horse/ Dino was called a twon Ha…like other things in the game yu could buy it with Zorkins, which was the treadure chests that yu find along the adventure, on roof tops and in clay pots etc. to get the Zorkins… As I said yu could also talk or chat with charactors to get them and other stuff too. That’s how yu progressed through the game. yu could swim, shoot and upgrade weapons. Enemy soldier camps usually a lot of items to acquire. These F-links could teleport yu to a different part of the play field (Instead of walk the long way) to accomplice a task or job. There were Healers in the game to offset your battle damage from Soldiers. Yu would explore and find treasure houses with items (Could slowly learn about them so did not have to be ace gamer to play) shoot insects, and lots of other cool things in game. No wonder for some RPGers this became Cult Classic.