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Out of Space - 5/18/20 - $11.99


Today’s deal is Out of Space!





Some of the most annoying, non-depressed, go-getter roommates will sometimes, in actual seriousness, call apartment meetings and say things like “this apartment is like our spaceship, and we need to keep it flying right as we journey through”. This is a nonsense phrase that means nothing. The apartment is only like a spaceship if people actually live on the spaceship, which is definitely not how most spaceships are in real life, and if what they actually meant was something more like Star Wars, it’s pointless because they have totally different technologies and priorities than us.

And besides, like, is a protocol droid also kind of a butler or what? Could you ask C-3P0 to do a once-over and clean up all the trash in the main cabin? Doesn’t matter. Point is, asking your roommates to pretend their apartment is a spaceship means nothing. HOWEVER, if you are in fact a group of roomate aliens trying to make things work together on an actual, liveable, comfortable spacecraft, saying something like “pretend this spaceship is an apartment” makes total sense, and what’s more, we’re here to tell you, it works.

Everybody has to decide together where stuff goes, you have to come up with a schedule so everyone can eat comfortably and deal with the crash that comes after, and oftentimes, there’s even a creeping alien infestation that forces everyone to clean the whole place from time to time like a sticky purple glowing metaphor for housework. You can even make the bad choice of getting a dog together with your roommates! It seems fine now, but wait til the one who loves the dog most wants to move out and tries to take him. Anyway, you get the point. An apartment is not like a spaceship, but a spaceship is a lot like an apartment. Still no word on exactly what makes a condo a condo, but hey, we’re just trying to sell a video game here, not solve life’s mysteries.

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Review and Video from @missiloon:

Cleaning rooms??? NOPE!

Who thinks that games that involve everyday work routines is FUN???


A lot of games in which you have to clean are fun, it just isn’t irl haha.

This game is so amazing! I’ve enjoyed it so much while hunting the achievements.


Whoever developed Viscera Cleanup Detail, Job Simulator, Cooking Mama, and that weird first-person shooter game where you put a door charge to breach a hotel room for housekeeping, complete with door explosion and slow-motion effects as you enter the room.

Apparently virtual anything makes it fun, even if it’s something many of us frown upon in real life. Somehow doing it in real life is something I hate, yet if you shove it into a video game (or fool me into thinking it’s a video game), I’ll do it with a smile like a sucker.

With that said, this game makes me think this could be as fun as Overcooked’s multiplayer. So I think I’ll talk to my friends and see if they’re up for getting this game.


I would also add to that list: Serial Cleaner, House Flipper, Train Station Renovations


Also portions of practically all games designed by David Cage, before spiralling into pure nonsense. (That said, I liked Detroit: Become Human.)