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Orwell - 4/20/19 - $3.49/$5.99


Today’s deal is Orwell!

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Yo, dude…

What’s up, bro?

I know it’s 4/20 and everything, so this is gonna sound like a total cliche…


But do you ever get the feeling like you’re being watched? Like, even when you know you’re alone?


No, seriously, dude! I feel like people have been reading my texts and listening in on phone calls and stuff.

Oh yeah, no, that’s me, dude.

What? That’s you?

Sort of. While you were passed out I bought this game called Orwell cause it’s on sale at


Yeah. And as you can probably guess from the name, it’s about spying on members of the public.

…And you’ve been like, reading my texts?

What? No, dude. You’re just stoned and paranoid. I told you about this like an hour ago and you were like “Cool, my brother! Finally, the hunter has become the hunted…NICE.”


Yeah, and then you passed out, so I started playing Orwell, and then from the couch you started muttering stuff like “These texts seem…suspicious” and “Can they see my porn? Can they see my porn?” So that’s why I woke you up.

Well, I…oh.

Yyyyeah. And now you’re gonna say you’re hungry, and I’m gonna say-

Wait! How could you possibly know that?

Because before you passed out you UberEats’d 10 pounds of ribs to my office.

Oh…okay, rad…

The official trailer for Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You:

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it’s gonna be a slow day for

edit: oh, but some ppl might buy the second one, only see now that it’s for sale as well


I already have both…:joy: