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Opus Magnum - 3/13/19 - $11.99


Today’s deal is Opus Magnum!





So maybe we’re in the minority here, but to us, alchemy has always been a big question mark, you know? Like, we know it was kind of a thing people fully believed in at one point, but then why isn’t it part of science? Because it’s mostly fake, right? And so now we’re just sitting here with this awesome puzzle game where you make machines using an alchemical engineer’s transmutation engine wondering what type of stuff we could transmute if alchemy was fully legit.

Like, could we take a rock and turn it into gold, or is that too crazy? What about turning a VCR into a PS4? What are the actual bounds of this magical version of chemistry? Are we being too presumptuous? Should we aim lower? What about turning a McDouble from McDonald’s into a Double Double from In-N-Out Burger? If alchemy can’t at least do that, then what’s the point of even calling it “REAL,” right?

And what are the limitations? Can alchemy just change physical things into other physical things, or is there a potion that, say, transmutes sadness into happiness? Wouldn’t you take a sip? Or what about a potion that turns thirstiness into fullness? Okay, well, I guess that’s probably water, but whatever! You get it! And most importantly of all, the one thing we KNOW we can transmute for sure is price. And in the case of Opus Magnum, we’ve made it 40% cheaper, so at least it’s as real as that.

The official trailer for Opus Magnum

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i need it to be cheaper :frowning:


IMO this is one of the most accessible of the Zachtronics games (don’t know about Exapunks though). There are no constraints on cost / space, so you can always throw more arms at any problem. The gif export function is also super nice since you end up with really satisfying gifs.


I definitely enjoyed this one, but honestly I thought SpaceChem was the better game. Difficult to put my finger on the exact reason, though. Opus Magnum was definitely less restrictive. You can generally throw more widgets at a problem to solve it. SpaceChem, on the other hand, was quite a bit more challenging due to the limited reactor size, which may have made the solutions feel more satisfying.


Same results here