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Old School Musical - 1/24/19 - $8.70


Today’s deal is Old School Musical!





So last night I was sitting in my local video game rental store (yes those still exist), thinkin’ about how games filled with fan service and references always have some kind of unbelievable hackneyed premise to explain how all the different worlds end up coming together, when all of a sudden, an enormous thunderstorm rolled through, and a bright white lightning bolt struck directly in the middle of the sales floor! I know, right? Lightning was getting everywhere, and as it discharged everywhere, the games on the shelf began to change, but I’m not gonna get into that now because I want to save it for the end.

Anyway, I guess it must’ve also glitched out someone’s iPhone or something because all of a sudden, a bunch of licensed music by relatively underground but extremely talented chiptune artists started pouring out of the store’s built-in speaker system, and you wouldn’t believe it just from me telling you I don’t think, but I swear to god I saw little music notes shooting out of the speakers, mixing with the lightning, and getting all over the games.

By this point, I was looking around like I was on the sixteen-year-old prank tv show Punk’d, sure that Ashton or a Raving Rabbid or a Minion was gonna pop out at any second and reveal the ruse, but instead, there was a loud truck on truck explosion outside on the freeway, probably because of the lightning, and for reasons beyond my understanding at the time (they were both farm trucks), about 30 or 40 chickens ran in and jumped right into all the games like paintings in Princess Toadstool’s castle. Isn’t that nuts?

Oh yeah, and about the games, the lightning warped all the characters enough that if they DID all end up in an unlicensed and extremely affordable game together, nobody’d say well, you know. Anyway, how was YOUR night?

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