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OKAMI HD / 大神 絶景版 - 6/28/19


Today’s deal is OKAMI HD / 大神 絶景版!





Well, here we are again with another classic game for you folks. I mean seriously, if you haven’t played Okami by now, what the heck are you even doing? You know it’s just ten bucks, right? Like, even if you’re not amped on it, it’s probably worth suffering through just so you can talk about it with your fellow gamers at this point, right?

But beyond that absolutely unimpeachable reasoning we’ve already given for you to pull the trigger on this, consider yet another: Okami HD is also sort of grandfathered in to one today’s hottest genre’s, aka “games where a dog has a big piece of metal it takes full responsibility for”. First, Dark Souls Remastered comes out where you can go back and face Great Grey Wolf Sif, which is basically just a giant dog with a sword in its mouth, then Pokemon Sword and Shield are announced, where not only can you capture your very own Pokemon version of Sif in the form of box legendary Zacian, but also you get another dog called Zamazenta, who’s got a heavy shield attached to his body, and now, here on, we’ve got Okami, where not only is the dog seemingly on fire, but also it carries around a big heavy metal disc on its back, which it uses to fight.

We love it, you love it, the internet loves it, almost like it’s a super specific dogs-only version of the Keanu Reeves phenomenon, but as to why its happening or how it got started, no one really knows. But you know what? Who cares? It’s cool, it’s cute, dogs are the goddamn best, and if you give us ten bucks we’ll hit you back with one of the greatest video games of all time. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go ham on it, friends! (I was trying to think of a dog version of “going ham” but then I kept imagining eating dog meat, so I just went with ham.)

The official trailer for OKAMI HD / 大神 絶景版

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As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


Not sure if you guys were aware, but in the daily email that was sent out for this you forgot to change the title underneath the picture, as it still said “Project Winter” from yesterday’s sale.

Sorry to call you guys out on it. :stuck_out_tongue: