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Oh the Places You'll Go! (US Edition)


Yeah, seriously, right?

You really did give them good tries, and good job actually making the names sound more or less good. :slight_smile:

Some of those sound nothing like how they are written, the one people always use as an example is Worcester. It’s pronounced “wooster.”



America, why are you like this? :woman_facepalming:

ty for the feedback though ((:


No problem :slight_smile: I’m too touchy as of lately as well … too many negative interactions with people i guess. Peace


no worries, written language doesn’t convey intentions and moods very well, which often can lead to misunderstandings etc.


This, right here, is a huge mood.

I feel you, Silly.


Someone should’ve told me about this!


So that’s what you sound like :no_mouth: it’s like when I heard @YQMaoski’s videos for the first time. It’s weird/interesting/nice to put voices to your names though seeing as I’ve been talking to you all for well over a year.

I think the biggest problems with those names is you essentially have to pronounce them with a northern accent. At least in the south if you generally say it with a twang you’re saying it right.


Alright, here’s the states I think I need:

Arkansas (this can get checked off the list in June so PRIORITY!)
New Jersey
Pennsylvania (entertain ideas)
South Carolina
West Virginia


West Virginia but not Virginia!? A travesty.

I know you’ve been there before but it’s my favorite state what can I say.


Edit: Definitely would take more recommendations. I actually skipped over it when I passed over Vermont.


Off of the top of my head Colonial Williamsburg is a pretty nice place to visit for a day, Maymont in Richmond is super nice as well. The Shenandoah valley is a beautiful spot, and so is Mount Vernon and Monticello (George Washington’s and Thomas Jefferson’s homes, respectively). For other historical places there is Jamestown settlement.

There’s more I’m sure but I have assignments due so I can’t think too well right now.