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It’s ironic that the famous renegade android Roy Batty, expertly portrayed by the late Rutger Hauer, was so obsessed with expanding his lifespan beyond the four years allowed by his design. Do you think that being immortalized as the main antagonist in one of the all time classics of science fiction cinema would be enough for him? Or what about just those scary eyes and that smile and that sick leather jacket? Maybe not, based on how fast the tears are lost in the rain he whispers about in his final beautiful speech, and yet, when he finally does die, punctuating his life with an act of pity instead of violence, it still makes you wonder if Roy finally does understand that humans are always trying to grow and better themselves, and that no one life is the finish line.

Another bit of irony is that we lost the real Rutger Hauer only a few short real-world months before Roy Batty’s expiration date in the film, which only underlines the way in which Hauer’s characters will far outlive his physical form, while always remaining inseparable from the man himself. And while Roy Batty’s last moments were filled with the things he saw in life, attack ships firing off the shoulder of Orion, C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate, things none of us would ever believe, Hauer was the man who contextualized those things, acted them, made them important to us here in the real world.

And speaking of looking back at the things people did in life after they’ve passed on, one of the last things Hauer did was a game called Observer, which not only reflects back on all the stuff you’ve just read about here, but is also a great game in it’s own right about literally peering into the dreams of the deceased. We’ve got it here today for you for just seven bucks, which is much less than its worth, but unfortunately we can’t say it’s the last thing he ever did because he also replaced Leonard Nimoy as Master Xehanort in the insane children’s fantasy opera Kindgom Hearts III, but hopefully unlike Batty and Hauer himself, this specific moment will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.

Big ups to the memory of Mr. Hauer. He was a formidable artist who left us all in awe.

The official trailer for >observer_ :

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My review of the game on steam if anyone needs some extra opinion before making the purchase


I got Observer for free last time it was featured, thanks to a lovely person here on Chrono. I’ve played through it 2 or 3 times, and I still keep it installed just in case. While DontBeSilly disliked them, I personally found the weird head-spaces rather neat, they were a good mix of dream-like nonsense and meanings/metaphors.

I feel the game is best played in 1-2 long sessions, and given a lot of attention, as it’s the little missable bits of worldbuilding and character backstory that make it interesting.

Gameplay-wise, it’s a walking sim. You explore a tenement building, more of which opens up as the story progresses. The setting is small (only few floors, and most of the flats can’t be entered), but it’s very dense in detail, with many side quests, and some small side stories you can follow without them going in your quest log. I really enjoy wandering in Observer’s world, bleak as it is, broken as its people are.

There are a few stealth sections where you can die, which IMO were too long, and in one of them, it’s unclear where you need to go. Despite these issues making the stealth parts annoying, I found them effective at evoking the same feeling I get in my nightmares of being chased, so at least the atmosphere (helped a lot by the sound work) of those sections is well done.

To 100% the game, you’re probably going to need a guide, as some of the collectables are very easy to miss even if you’re looking for them.

Observer feels very much like one of those long vivid dreams, and that’s exactly the sort of thing I want in a walking sim. So, if the screenshots and my description of it appeal to you and you’re not bothered by being largely a passive observer (hurhur) rather than the driving force of the action and story, then get it!


This was one of the few instances where I legitimately rage quit a game. :crying_cat_face:

I enjoyed this game for around 3 hours until the office area with the monster…that area caused me to uninstall the game and put it on the back burner for possibly forever. It was just no fun dying over and over and over.

Maybe one day I shall go back to it, but that section was just too frustrating 'cause it was like a completely different game than what I had been playing up 'til that point and I do not do so great with stealth, especially with a “jump-scare” death involved.