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>observer_ - 11/29/19 - $6.59


Today’s deal is >observer_ !





It was a quiet cyber-night in the Polish ultra-city of Krakow, and there in a pile of bloated trash bags was a gamer, completely out of their element, lost and forgotten amongst the alleyway’s dark and disgusting scenery; a dead body that barely felt out of place. You, the intrepid Observer, kneel down by the poor thing, and watch as your implants display everything you know on a screen around them. No fingerprints in the database, weird clothes, no identification… this is gonna be one of those nights, isn’t it?

The cable has just enough pull back to cost you a little effort, and when you plunge the tip into the victim’s head, everything comes rushing back to you at once: the man balancing twenty packages, a penguin with an ice cube for a face, something that sounds like “ugg-dough-bug-dough”…where did this body come from? You stand up and almost walk away, but then you realize you’ve just been incepted with an urge to “fix Sonic,” whatever that means, and you shrug it off to jack back in.

Seems this unfortunate soul was having their coffee one morning when they got an email about…an Observer? That doesn’t make sense. And they want to pay less than seven dollars for it? Maybe it’s some sort of corruption case, but honestly, seven bucks wouldn’t have been a lot in the olden days of 2019, much less in 2084, and why don’t they have any memories of the nanophage? This case keeps getting weirder and weirder. You feel like you must be going Batty, but before you can fully form the thought, it’s gone like tears in the rain.

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