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Not Tonight - 2/19/18 - $13


Today’s deal is Not Tonight!





So hi there, folks, it’s your friends here at Chrono again, and today, we’re just super amped about the game we’re selling, which is called Not Tonight and is available for 35% off, by the way, because (and this is really specific to us because we sell SO MANY indie games) if you ever doubted that videogames are art, Not Tonight will almost certainly convince you that there can be more to a game than fun for all ages, just based on the simple fact that it’s a game where you play as a down-on-his-luck bouncer in a crumbling post-Brexit UK.

Like, can you imagine going and ripping a copy of Splatoon out of some kids hands only to be like, here child, play some Not Tonight? Can you imagine having to give an eight-year-old context for Brexit just so he can pretend to keep drunk assholes out of nightclubs in what is basically a pixel version of the world from Children of Men? It’s just not FOR them, ya dig? YOU work the door while they kid and squid or whatever the heck they’re up to.

Because here’s the thing: society is changing in a lot of different ways. To deal with the big world problems that bother you everyday, you have to first understand them, and not just the facts: all of these things carry with them emotional and cultural impacts as well, and if your path to understanding and peace of mind includes checking ID’s and managing guest lists in a far right UK nightmarescape, then we’re happy to have helped. Video games are dead, long live video games.

The official trailer for Not Tonight:

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Who needs games? Living the dream… :sob:


Yup… not gonna not happen… :stuck_out_tongue: