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Not Tonight - 2/10/20 - $11.99


Today’s deal is Not Tonight!





Look, normally we don’t get super political on here because we’re trying to sell games to everyone without making anyone else feel unwelcome, but today it’s almost impossible to talk about the game we’ve got WITHOUT at least mentioning the current political situation in the UK, because it’s officially the first time we’re selling Not Tonight, the post-Brexit management game where you play as the Uber driver of door bouncers, AFTER the real Brexit has already taken effect.

Granted the version of this scenario that’s actually occurred is much milder than the version we see here in the game, but much like a man-killing robot that punches down your door and is also on fire, it’s impossible to ignore that for a huge portion of the people out there, a far-right government taking power and exiling people who don’t look like them doesn’t really feel that far off.

Now, is a pixel-art indie game where you bounce people out of clubs going to be the thing that finally provides empathy to all those who make hurtful decisions without considering the people whose lives they might be impacting? Probably not, but if you buy it and play it, and if your friends buy it and play it too, at least it’ll give you something interesting and concrete to talk about these tough issues around, and the game’s dope enough that you might have a bunch of actual fun in the process. Anyway, buy this game if you want, keep thinking for yourself, and don’t forget that people like you aren’t the only people in the world. Also watch out for on fire robots. We’re pretty sure there aren’t any in the game, but you know, just in general. You never know.

The official trailer for Not Tonight:

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A game themed around Brexit where you can experience the life of a bouncer? I… Don’t know what to say about this actually.


Disappointed in y’all. Usually chrono has fun indie games, or famous games for a killer deal. I’ll pass on propaganda.