no response 100% off -


Someone please play it and leave their impressions. Thanks, @sluz for sharing, though! Looks like Firewatch and seems interesting.


that game was dope… so much story in such a little game.


It looks like you have to make an account to claim it rather than just downloading the game. Because I tried just doing a download, which it gives the option and it won’t let me do just a regular download. :confused:


just make an account then…


Yes you do. Just like Humble, GOG and others. But all their games are downloads. Some of the games they offer Do have Steam counterparts but not all. You can make friends/add to your library…just like GOG. Plus they have lots of free games…just have to find them.


also with the account the game goes to your collection if you claim it, so you can download it again whenever you choose


I have gotten some good games from there. I know @coralinecastell and others use it. Steam isn’t the only option for games…


What are you two doing jumping down @koroth’s throat like this over a mere observation about

Maybe some don’t really want to create and leave a bunch of otherwise useless accounts everywhere?

Now the difference between and the others is that the others are clear that accounts are necessary and don’t offer you download buttons for games without logging in.

What? He never made any claim even remotely to that effect. What’s going on here?

The problem with that I’ve mentioned before (and got a rather hostile response to as well) is that they’re not very clear and while I can’t say they’re being directly dishonest they are being a misleading. Let me show you why I think so.

The game page you arrive at from your link with a nice inviting button that offers you the ability to download OR claim. Not AND claim, OR.

Clicking said button brings you this popup offering you to make additional payments should you so wish. Well since we’re here for a free game we probably don’t want that. Ah there we go, take me to the downloads, please.

Which brings us here. “Download ‘No Response’” ok… yes please? Why wont you let me download this game? There’s no option to download here or anywhere on this page.

The yellow highlit text still does not contain any information that indicates that you NEED an account to download anything. Starting with an IF, suggesting I have a choice in the matter. Alright, what IF I do not want to link this game to my account? I don’t want to download it later or get updates, I want to download it now.

This is the issue I have with because at no point do they make it clear you need an account, the only way to reach that conclusion is to guess that is the case based only on their refusal to give you a download link. When I first ran into this I figured I had done something wrong, was blocking some script, ad or for some other reason the page was malfunctioning.

They could just simply make it clear, like steam or gog or anywhere else for that matter does that you do need an account to download anything from them, this obtuse runaround of 3 pages is entirely pointless.


didn’t get the impressione anyone was being that abrasive, although that is for @Koroth to decide.

I think your feedback is really accurate and valuable @Fraggles and I strongly encourage you contact to them about it.

Sorry here’s the direct link to their suggestions/feedback forum: Questions & Support -

Edit: oh and when you submit let us know so I can comment in support. :hugs:


I’m going to have to make an account though, don’t I?


WOW! I am sorry. I didn’t think i was jumping down anyone’s throat. I was just trying to explain why i use it…

Sorry, @Koroth!


No! You can either mail them, or tweet them, or comment in the forums.

It’s all in the links I sent you, man. (:

Edit: for the forums you can also login with Github.


Don’t worry everyone. I appreciate all the feedback and information. I didn’t feel like anyone was being harsh to me. We’re all friends here. Otherwise just bring down the ban hammer to those who really deserve it lol. It’s a good thing I’m not the only one who feels mislead either. And it’s a great site that I really started getting a decent amount of games awhile ago. But, it may be the first time seeing the download or claim option like that which I figured I would bring up to you all since it obviously doesn’t give the option like I thought it would. I didn’t expect this post to explode like this over my one comment and I was like WOAH… what just happened? lol

This was unnecessary though and I’m not trying to be mean or anything


It’s okay! :grin:


cause this sounds like a free bread day at the bakery, but you dont wanna go there, you want the free bread only if it gets delivered to your doors.
you want it? go get it yourself

by the time you wrote that whole post with pictures and explanations how is misleading and all of that, you couldve just made an account lol

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sry but this comment is incorrect; Fraggles made it very clear he takes issue with the fact you need to make an account (and specifically the fact that they don’t even make it that clear and keep beating around the bush about it and you have to go through different pages and then figure it out yourself), not the fact that he needs to “go there”

so in this case, though the bakery is indeed handing out free bread, but when you get there, they tell you to go to the first floor, where they tell you to go to the second floor, where they tell you to go to the third floor, where they finally have you fill in some forms before finally giving you said bread, though they never mentioned that in their initial announcement


I find your post incredibly rude.


allthough i quoted fraggles’ text, it was an analogy for what the original koroths reply sounded like in the first place. and allthough, and this is completely irrelevant to the whole topic, as was fraggles’ reply, i agree with his reply about their information being misleading.
that said, this topic was meant for chronies to pick up a free game if they wanted to, not to analyze how handles their business. i dont go and bother people when they link something that google is misleading you with their filter bubble and tracking, or how windows is using telemetry to also track you without you knowing, or whatever else you want to insert here.

you shouldnt. cause it wasnt.

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I’ve never ever considered providing useful information to people when suitable “bothersome”

his information was certainly useful giving that he was clarifying that they were kind of misleading given that u must make an account to obtain said game though they never clearly mentioned that, neither at the beginning, nor at the end, so i consider what he did a good deed given that it will prevent others (who also do not wish to create an account) wasting their time and finding out the hard way