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No Man's Sky - 4/26/20 - $29.99


Today’s deal is No Man’s Sky!





The entire galaxy is before you. You’ve been waiting for an infinite universe and ship to take you through it for decades, and now that you’re here, it’s time to…oh wait is that a duck with a turtle body? Eeeeew! What the f…is that how they always walk? Oh my god. Oh my god. He just quacked and blue stuff came out. Look, just get in the ship and drive away, just go…

Ah…yes. Now this is more like it: up in space without a care in the world. A literal smorgasbord of planets to explore! And look! Here! How about this neon pink one! Perfect! Let’s just land here, and walk over to that beautiful bioluminescent cave there…and AH! Oh my god. It’s a gorilla with brontosaurus legs. I didn’t even think that was a real dinosaur anymore, but there it is! And apparently it’s called…”Joey’s Kinkmonster88?” You know what, let’s just keep going into the cave…

Oh wow! And lake leading to an underwater base! Wow! Let’s just go inside here and look around…ooh! Wow this looks like bioshock! Let me just forget about the infinite possibilities of algorithmically created life for a second and…ah. Flowers with the exact face of Richard Nixon. Is-is this even in the game? Did someone mod this to mess with me? Hey! Who put the Nixon flowers in here? Dusty, did you put Nixon flowers in my game? Zak? Who…

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Even with the much needed updates, I’m still hesitant.



When they did their first big update early last year (I think it was called NEXT?) I could not put this game down and played around 40 hours of it over a couple of weeks which is a lot for me. I think $30 is a good price for it (though I kind of feel they should make it the base price) and anyone who enjoys sci-fi exploration stuff should be in for a good time. I really ought to get started with it again, but I haven’t been playing much of anything recently.


It was here cheaper before, I was hoping chrono would not do this kind of things: No Man's Sky - 1/24/20 - $25.40


what kind of thing, selling a game they sold before at a different price? Why not? They’re not claiming this is cheaper than before. They’re having a sale at 50% off. Those who want can buy and those who dont dont have to.

that’s such a weird thing to say


I really liked No Man’s Sky, after the updates. It’s a lot of grinding though. (I never played it during the release window).


I have to respect the developers for pressing on, providing free updates, and finally fulfilling expectations generated from all the initial hype. And this is done with a destroyed studio from a flood. Well done.


I think I’m going to look for a copy for PS4. Thanks for the inputs, this has been helpful.