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No Man's Sky - 1/24/20 - $25.40


Today’s deal is No Man’s Sky!



The official trailer for No Man’s Sky:

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As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


I recommend it heartily. It had its issues at launch, I’m sure it did, but the way the devs have not given up on it and have pushed and pushed and done everything to improve it…that is something I respect. Not only that, I have a lot of fun when I’m playing with my friends.

If you have been thinking about getting it, definitely get it on sale! :slight_smile:


Wow! Pre-purchase No Man’s Sky now on!

If there was ever a game you should pre-purchase, it was definitely this one!



Quite the deal secured here for Surprisingly not my cup of tea, but there is a huge audience who loves this game and the devs have worked so freaking hard to continue support of this game (even after a complete office wipeout from flooding). The dev’s tenacity paid off and I can see why this is a solid title even if it’s not for me.


I feel like the community should be posting more frequently on games because every game, even the ones I’m not interested in personally, from chrono gg is at least decent in some aspect. Many are more than decent. Some are amazing and are truly steals.

I’ve wanted to dry No Man’s Sky since it got announced. I rode the hype train a bit and was pretty miffed when the game didn’t pan out to what was drummed up in trailers, articles, comments and youtubers.

It must have been easy to make potshots at No Man’s Sky back 2 years ago or so. I know I did. But after learning more about the devs and the media involvement, I’ve been able to peel back the fafe news about No Man’s Sky in its entire scope. People treated the dev team SO badly. And not a single tuber I watched then or article I had read online mentioned how the devs were really forced to release the game in its intial deeply-flawed and disappointing state.

I still wanna try this game; I just am trying so hard not to spend money right now. I really want it though.


Here’s my review on it. It’s was written over a year ago though. It is very possible they have tweaked some of the stuff that I personally didn’t like.

Suppose I should boot it up and try it out again.


I’ve seen that video, and I am so willing and ready to give this game another chance and love it.

Also, from my Chrono-friends on Steam, I ssee at least @delenn13 has it wishlisted, so I hope she sees it before the time here runs out! :smiley:


And quite broke…:persevere:


I feel you, same here, couldn’t get the game as well :cry: