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Ninja Tycoon - 2/14/20 - $1.74


Today’s deal is Ninja Tycoon!





Let’s face it, with the political climate in America the way it is, sometimes it feels like there’s no right answer to the question “How can I start my own business?” Sometimes it feels like the odds are stacked against your success and that the big companies with all the money are just going to keep winning forever. Well, that was before you considered starting a Ninja Village. Here, let us show you what we mean:

When it comes to Ninja Clans, there’s a strict system of build, recruit, train, defend, complete, but what that means for you, the clan leader, is that there’s always going to be work to do! It doesn’t depend on markets, and just like any other business, a lot of what you put in is tax deductible. Plus, a lot of the people who work for you are probably going to die, which means it’s unlikely things will spiral out of control!

And let’s be real: assassinating targets is something you can do from the grassroots level to the world stage, so with starting a Ninja Clan, the sky is truly the limit! Just careful of any blind lawyers with spandex or families of similarly equipped and trained mutated reptiles led by an older mutated mammal, and you should be good! Ninja Tycoon: start with nothing, and world domination is the only conceivable endgame!

The official trailer for Ninja Tycoon:

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I guess this Valentine’s day got secretly nabbed by some loving ninjas at Chrono this year. :smiley:

This is Tycoon week, huh?

What’s next week, Typhoon week?


Another review from @missiloon:


one would think that these one day holidays (or special days or what even is valentines idk) would be the perfect fit for chrono’s design
on the other hand no one comes to chrono to check the very romantic and on theme daily deal so it really doesn’t make a difference, just makes it more demanding on their end to secure a specific deal for a day


I was definitely disappointed when BROFORCE wasn’t the deal for the US Holiday of Fourth of July (Independence Day).


Can I make the ninjas learn water ninjutsu as part of my Pee Extortion plan?..
… What? Why are you all rolling your eyes followed by cringing?