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Night Call - 5/6/20 - $9.99


Today’s deal is Night Call!





Hey, how do I open the window back here?

I have to do it.

Hey, mister?


You were in that fight? The fight on the radio - you’re the fighter?

Whatever gave you that idea?

No c’mon, you’re him, I know you’re him, tell me you’re him.

I’m him.

You killed the other boxing man.

He’s dead?

The radio said he was dead.

Sorry ‘bout that, Floyd…

…What does it feel like?

What does what feel like?

Killing a man; beating another man to death with bare hands.

Okay, okay. Whoa whoa whoa. You know I didn’t actually kill anybody, right?

What? Seriously? But you said you were the boxer!

Well, I just thought you were doing a Pulp Fiction bit so I played along.

Are you serious! Damn it! Well, serves me right, I guess.

What do you mean?

I dunno, I’ve just been playing this game Night Call, where you drive around Paris solving murders by interviewing people in the back of your cab.

Oh…I mean, it seems like a cool idea…

It totally is. I wanted to practice, but I didn’t consider that other people would realize I was doing Pulp Ficition. Sounds dumb now that I say it out loud.

Well, I mean, no harm no foul, right? Here’s my stop.

Yeah, I guess….

What was the name of that game again?

Oh, uhhh Night Call. I got it for like ten bucks on today.

I have no idea what that is.

It’s like a daily de-

See ya! shuts door

-al website. I gotta get on Uber or Lyft or something, this is getting stupid.

The official trailer for Night Call:

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As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


I have no memory of this :confused:



it was in humble choice a month or 2 ago


The events of last week:


Sweet! This was on my wishlist. I’ll bite.