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Niffelheim - 5/21/20 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Niffelheim!





Man, vikings are totally badass. Like, picture one in your mind (not Thor) and just think about the armor, the hair, the weapons, the sheer size (stop thinking about Thor), and then to realize those things were totally real? And they walked the same Earth that we do today? What happened to us? Humans used to be waaaaay more simple and waaaaay better at killing each other with our bare hands and living off the land, huh?

So yeah, today’s game is all about this guy, a super badass warrior, who didn’t die quite right, so instead of putting the dude on a bench in a white room in purgatory, he got sent all the way to Niffelheim, the between realm, where you have to get strong again and kick a bunch of people’s asses again, just to prove that you actually belong in heaven with the rest of the badasses! That’d be like if when you got put onto unemployment, you had to work another full on job to get your check! Except in this case the job can impale you on a spear…

So here’s to the vikings, those incredible historical badasses (please stop imagining Thor), and here’s to Niffelheim for being on sale today for five bucks. And you know what’s great? You even get some nice sexy Odin’s Blessing DLC completely for free on the side (the real one, not Anthony Hopkins). So grab your copy today, and have fun proving to some extremely badass gods that you actually belong in the afterlife! (Okay, you can think of Thor again now.)

The official trailer for Niffelheim:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

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My favorite Steam review:


Simple, is boring as hell, no fun combat, grind is stupid and it would be okay with proper rewards but everything looks and feels the same.For starters there is no tutorial, the obj is to get to Valhalla and that’s it! dungeons are not different 50 floors of pure laziness from the designers because, guess what IS ALL THE SAME. Do not buy this and go find something actually FUN, I got this from Humble bundle and I even regret having this listed in my library.


Bought twice, didnt get either key ^.- yet the money has been set as pending withdrawal.


send an email to support they will sort you out :+1:
(ps hope you bought twice because you wanted 2 keys not because an error occurred the first time?)


See’s the thumbnail
Me: “That’s a YUUUUUUUGEEE bitch!”


I’m always hesitant when I see “mixed” for the majority of Steam ratings.


Can’t… Stop… Thinking… About… Thor…


I dont think that Steam reviews are all that reflective of game’s quality. Very positive and Very negative will for the most part reflect quality of the game , but random steam users are not reviewers and majority of reviews consist of few words anyway , mostly nonsense.

If you find game interesting and game isint broken or borked you should give it a go i think :slight_smile: .