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Niffelheim - 2/2/19 - $6.80


Today’s deal is Niffelheim!





Vikings are and continue to be the world’s oldest and best badasses, and the more we learn about them, the more we just want to grow out our beards, forsake this life, and live in the mead halls and longboats of ancient Scandinavia. Like, one time I was at a museum reading a plaque, and I had to do an actual double take, because what it explained was that vikings just killed each other all the time, and it was normal, and it has no type of stigma that comes along with doing it in viking society.

Is that not insane? And now, this game Niffelheim’s trying to tell us that not only are vikings the world’s scariest warriors while alive, but also that they keep kicking ass WELL into the afterlife? Like, can you imagine if when you went to find a mummy, he was ready in his pyramid with all his big treasures like a Dark Souls boss? Or what if the tomb of the unknown soldier was a anonymous ghost fight club? Or what if George Washington was incredible at Smash Ultimate? Okay, that last one makes less sense…

But yeah! Who doesn’t love vikings, one, and two, when they look this good, it’s not a hard purchase to make! Grab Niffelheim for some in-depth 2D dungeon crawling with base management RPG elements, and based on the screenshots, a bunch of huge rock buildings shaped like increasingly cooler and cooler things. Mead not included, but sometimes you just wanna fall asleep under your computer desk and murder anyone who bothers you without recourse, the viking way.

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