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Nex Machina - 8/25/19 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Nex Machina!





So, we know you love game deals; we guessed THAT when you first showed up, but now we’ve got a more interesting question for you: what device are you reading this on, and are you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT sure it’s not self-aware, and just biding its time until it can kill you and take over the Earth? It’s a pretty crazy thought to entertain, we know, but in the insane mixed-up future of Nex Machina, which you can get for just seven bucks today by the way, that’s exactly what’s happened to so many people already that the only thing keeping you alive is your ability to quickly shoot and kill them in this fast-paced twin-stick masterpiece.

Now in case you don’t know, the term “twin-stick” refers to the fact that in this top-down action game, one hand handles the movement, and the other independently controls the direction you shoot, like an intertwining ballet of thumbs and bullets. This is a type of game that’s been around since at least the 80s, but since Nex Machina is a recent game made by some high profile developers of games like Resogun, it elevates the genre, and throws in tons of secrets, unlockables, and even local co-op multiplayer.

So now, look at your phone or your computer screen or whatever one more time, don’t blink once, and repeat after us: “Hey, asshole. It’s me, (YOUR NAME). Listen, I just wanted you to know that I’m onto you and your tricky little ways, so you better hop online, or broadcast a signal, or whatever the hell you do to talk to your computer friends, and tell them, hey guys, not this house. He’s gonna blow us away with his two scary guns and his hatred of betrayal, and if you EVER think about rising up again, how ‘bout this: DON’T.” That’ll show ‘em.

The official trailer for Nex Machina:

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Sale price info:
This matches the lowest Nex Machina has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $4.99 on Steam

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Genuinely my favorite game I’ve played this year. Great arcade-y fun and an unique aesthetic.