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Newly Released Music Thread.



Thank you for sharing it with us, and mentioning me in the post, it sounds good so guess i like it. :slight_smile:



Just started listening to EXO (Kpop) again and just found out one of there sub-unit EXO SC put out 2 new songs recently and both sound awesome.

And I also found a sub-unit of NCT I like called NCT 127 and this is there newest song.




Nervous_testpilot just launched a new album and a companion game today both called Wardailer.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack to Frozen Synapse and this sounds like it’s more in a similar vein, very chill electronica. I hope everyone checks it out

It’s also on spotify, amazon and apple music if you prefer those.

The game can be found free on and is a Narrative text based game about hacking.


Can’t wait for the new Steel Panther album coming at 27th of September!
Don’t forget it’s 18+ restricted :rofl:


Ugress dropped a new full album today, no free downloads this time.

Each track is rather unique but overall has a bit of a retro feel to it. So far I’ve rather enjoyed myself, though the first song was not the best.

I think his own description of the album is pretty spot on.

Like the replicants in Blade Runner, the tracks on Ghoststorm are nostalgic for a past that never existed. Their emotions spring from artificially implanted memories. There is the theme song to an 80’ies anime TV-show that never existed, there is a spaghetti western where obscure characters shimmer on the edge of focus, there are elegant ballrooms filled with dancing dust and the contours of wuxia fights choreographed in the fluttery waves of VHS tracking.



@orbus Never heard of them, but quite like the song. Intelligent lyrics.


Most of his songs have very good lyrics. Albeit somewhat cynical, depressed and political.



Modern music? Gross.


Okay, I admit there are a few modern songs I like but, its nothing compared to the 600+ classics I have.


What do you mean by this?

Classic as in classical music such as Baroque with Bach or Early Romantic with Beethoven?

Classic as in classic rock, with the likes of Queen?

Plis explain



@NICK9X9 :yellow_heart:


@coralinecastell :heart: _ :heart:


i.e. music released before the 20th century


Any genre? May I suggest you the Netherlands Bach Society on YouTube?

They’re one of my favorite YouTube channels. :blush:


I’ll check it out


@coralinecastell @Agetime You guys might enjoy this one!