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New Shop Games - 9/6/19


Wtf Seeds looked like the one game I’d actually WANT… and it’s out so fast??


pretty sure u could easily find at least one person who’d be willing to give u their Seeds


Would be great if @chrono increased the number of keys of Seeds available in coin shop.
Is it possible?


If you’d like a copy of Seeds and were not able to get it for any reason, even if you just couldn’t afford it, send me a PM.

I may have some extra copies laying around for ya’ll.


I can’t believe it sold out already?

Hope the guys here have a few more keys available. O_o


Dusty is the best and I would give them a pet.


If they show up in this forum, @kylehayman361 I am happy to perform my official duty. ^^ :heart:


I meant more like a bearded dragon or a cat, but that works too.

jk no I didn’t ; )


Seeds of Resilience has that neat voxel look to it which made me instantly think of Minecraft. And it kinda feels like Minecraft with the look and the survival, crafting and building stuff elememts, albeit it plays like a Turn based RTS :slight_smile:

Too bad like others I wasn’t awake earlier enough to have grabbed a copy for myself :frowning:


Always good when you arrive late and there has been a wishlist game on the coin shop aaaaaaaand it’s sold out.



If you’d like a copy, send me a PM


If you’d like a copy send me a PM and let me know which one you wanted


I’ve also got some copies of Distrust: Polar Survival if you wanted that one and were not able to get it.

Send me a PM


Um, I’m not sure how I feel about people giving me their Seeds, considering I’m a guy and all…

EDIT: Besides the wordplay, I just realised I didn’t even have enough coins for Seeds anyway, so now I’m double seed


I knew someone would … sooner or later… I love this place, lol


Aw…Totally pettable person, Kyle was spot on about ye. :heart:


On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you want it?


Thanks for the offer but I guess I’ll just save up until I collect 7,500 more coins, in maybe another month, so I can buy “Tracks” as it’s definitely on my wishlist on Steam :grin:

Granted the keys won’t run out in a month though. But looking at the numbers, I am hopeful as there are stil 36% of unclaimed keys for now :blush:

Also I can’t play any new games for now as I’ve just started playing Blackguards 2 after I finished playing the first game yesterday. Actually I beat it a month ago, but I just did another run to get an ending where I am overly OP’ed in terms of character build. And now I’m tackling the second game.

In case any of you are wondering, I lucked out of the Chrono sale for the game, but was lucky enough to see the game go on sale for 1USD on Steam along with “Memoria” and “Chains of Satinav” as part of the “Dark Eye Universe” bundle. Then I saw Blackguards 2 go on sale for a dollar as well so I grabbed it as well :rofl:


Seeds of Resilience looked interesting with the realism in materials for survival. But it’s sold out and I felt a little sad. Oh well.
So then I got Distrust, happy because I liked it too. Then I read it’s cheap on Fanatical, back to sad regret. Then I check Fanatical. I can’t find it so my regret disappeared. Now I’m pretty satisfied. What a roller coaster of emotions.

Coins back to below 1k. Thank you!


Am I missing out on coins somehow ??


no, that’s including what they already have saved up previously