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New Shop Games - 9/6/19




It’s going to be 102 degrees (in freedom units, 39 in the real stuff) today at the Chrono HQ in Austin, TX. That may sound miserable, but so does living at an arctic research station blanketed in perpetual night with staff bordering on madness. Or living on a deserted island rife with natural disasters where you have to build a village from scratch. So, maybe we should count our blessings and put up with the triple digit heat, at least until someone in the office starts going mad.

  • Distrust: Polar Survival
    DISTRUST is an isometric survival adventure with procedural generation on an Arctic research station lost in the endless dark of a polar night. A story-rich fiction with multiple endings that suits both singleplayer fans and co-op enthusiasts.
  • Seeds of Resilience
    Ready to start anew? Build a village from scratch in Seeds of Resilience. Learn to choose the right items, understand nature’s patterns, use real life-based constructions and craft techniques in this turn-based tycoon game.

Or go live in a place without crazy weather.


when r u gonna add new games? there’s never any new games


Ikr, always these cheap games No One wants, we need real games!


has it already been two weeks since the last two games? i really wasnt expecting new ones today


NO! NO! NO! I don’t have enough coinage for Seeds…:unamused:

And I bet it doesn’t last long…:cold_sweat:

Oh well…


Sad that the coin shop games get more expensive every 2 weeks.
Distrust could be bought in a bundle at Fanatical for only 2,15$ including 4 next games, alongside the Dead Age, which is todays deal for 2,49$. :slight_smile:


In Seeds, do you ever see the characters? I know it sounds lame, but its a no no for me if you don’t even see the people of the city builder.


There’s new games every 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:




Hey if no one has got you a copy i’d love to grab you one if there are still copies left that is. Hit me up.


Sending message :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


I haven’t bought anything in a long time so I could probably grab whatever I want, so it’s all good for us.
But these prices are probably not great for new people. When they find out they have to be active for months to get anywhere it might just turn them off.
It is indeed just free stuff that I’m thankful for but it’s also a selling point for your site.


I hope I can get a copy of that seeds game >.<

looks right up my alley :smiley:


Really love this community. Thanks @Animosity and thanks to @Danacscott for offering. But I was scared of waiting . The keys were just flying off the shelf…:exploding_head:


indeed they are, they’ve been up for like an hour and 80+% is taken.


There’s never enough of good games. Some of us do work and see the email an hour after it arrived… And 100% of game you want is gone :frowning:

These coins I’ve gathered are useless tbh, I can’t get anything I like :frowning:


maybe u should learn to set your priorities straight?

It’s a joke! I’m sorry!

not sorry!


Seeds of Resilience looked neat and I didn’t have it. Too bad in the 2 hours I was asleep it has already sold out…


Aw nu i would have got seeds of resilence lol
I forgot about the coin shop today just did the coin clickin
Anyone know what time it went out of stock


somewhere between my last message and the one sent in reply to it haha