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New Shop Games - 9/20/19


It does sound a lot like Dark Souls in the “prepare to die a lot” way, lol.

Always wondered what twin-stick meant, so that’s clear now. Sounds very challenging indeed, perhaps too much for me, but I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks very much for the input. :heart:

PS: There’s no kind way to get rid of termites is there, do you know?


Prevent them from establishing a colony… if you want to remove them from a building, prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Well I came here and found them, so way too late for that now. T_T


Call an exterminator. Don’t think there’s much you can do by yourself successfully.


that should take care of it


Yes, but the house owners would frown upon that solution. :slight_smile:

Thanks. DIY spraying is gonna happen (not me doing it).


just tell them the termites did it themselves to claim insurance






I’m sorry for being off-topic but I love scrolling though the comments a lot and just wanted to say that I love you guys! One of the greatest communities I’ve seen :open_mouth:


Chronies are KNOWN for being OT so welcome to the fold…But look out for the fire…:exploding_head: