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New Shop Games - 8/23/19




Endings are often controversial. Some are masterclasses is wrapping up a long-running plot, successfully avenging everything that was setup over years. Others endings seem like they were created with a game of phoning it in, never living up to the standard set previously. That’s why we’re fully supportive of media that has multiple endings, and not just one or two, but dozens, even hundreds! That way even if one ending is bad, you have 99 more to check out. Oh, and if those endings have tanks in them, even better.

  • Reventure
    The one and only non-linear adventure with 100 different endings. Don’t just wishlist me. I’m not that expensive… also, look at those reviews!
  • Bandits
    Bandits is a small indie couch-multiplayer. A modern yet classic Tank Battle Arena game. It has fully destructible environments, and 8 characters with unique play-styles and abilities.

The end.


As expected, you all come through with some good titles. :+1:

I need to go back and get all of the endings in Reventure, I think I got 92 or something.

(I see it’s selling like hotcakes…)

:clap: Thanks for all of your hard work, @ the Chrono’s Team Awesome!


Firstly: great additions. Thanks for continuously bringing us games for free.

Secondly: thanks for bringing Reventure to my attention, it looks great! Unfortunately my coins didn’t quite make the cut this time – I’m short on 4k – but:

Thirdly: has anyone played either game and can share some thoughts with us, common folk? :blush:

perhaps you can share your thoughts, @YQMaoski?

EDIT: saw a good reviewer friend of mine, Kemo, posted a review for Reventure. They say:

A tad bit repetitive, but it’s really unique and it’s got great humour. Ideal candidate for something to pick up in between sessions of a more serious game. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re looking for something a bit different.


Two very awesome titles - neither I want to get, but sill, cheers for the great new games. ^^


Typical! Thanks, Chrono! :wink:


You’ve got: timing! a-tick-ticka-ticka-teh! Timing! (I’ll edit with a video if you don’t get the reference, lol)


There really is no rhyme or reason to the shop prices anymore, is there?
While I do find my own thought process on the whole thing a little silly, the perceived value of these chrono coins keeps preventing me from buying games in the shop when I feel the asking price is too steep.

Reventure is one I think I might have picked up, but the $ to CC ratio makes the purchase just feel bad. Especially when it’s put up alongside another game of a very similar $price but greatly different CC cost.

It’s now at a point where there’s been a couple of games I’ve opted not to buy, not because I can’t afford them but simply because I don’t feel the price is fair.

Just felt a need to voice my opinion on this, you’re doing great work bringing interesting titles given away for free though. So don’t think that’s not appreciated.


F, they may have done that due to having a limited number of keys. Just my bet, as it’s selling pretty quickly – 1/3rd gone 20 minutes after entering the coin shop – despite the asking price.


I’m old enough to remember the song…and the adverts (in the UK at least)


My heart! The price for Reventure is quite high, but i’m sure it’s worth it.
Watching the trailer made me think of DLC Quest but with 97 more endings and a lot more freedom/non-linearity.

Thanks, team! :star_struck:


Here’s my review of the game

I completely agree with your friend’s assessment.


Awesome games, Chrono :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

And as always, Not enough coins. I know, I should have talked myself out of Robin Hood. But they are all free, so I am not complaining…

So now I am looking at prices…UGH!!!


reventure is amazing and released recently. That might why the price is higher.


Figured the same - the release dates are so recent, I’m impressed they’re in the shop so fast! ^^


prices to high…the bandits game i dont really know if it’s worth for signle player only…it seems to me that mission are not a real sin gler player gamemode…reventure seems good but price is crazy


I am guessing there weren’t that many keys given for Reventure? Since it was sold out in less than an hour.
Which is a shame since I was sleeping due to a headache. Guess I’ll hope humble gives it in the bundle.


Reventure gone in 58 minutes or less -_- oh well. Even had a timer set


already gone?? don’t even the time to see some video fdor choose it or not?? this is a joke, right?? how many keys you got …100? c’mon guys


Yeah, that went dry at blinding speed. about 20 minutes. I came back from lunch and saw it was 91% gone, and the time it took me to log in, it was sold out.
Guess the coin stockpile will just continue to grow.


Picked up Bandits because TANKS.