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New Shop Games - 7/12/19




Vikings have had a pretty good run in the last few years, despite the Viking Age ending roughly 1,000 years ago. With a hit TV show and their mythology placed prominently in blockbuster movies, it makes total sense that they’d also have a few games rounding out their renaissance. So if you’re looking to immerse yourself in some godly drama with the likes of Odin and Loki, we’d recommend grabbing this two excellent city builders.

  • Valhalla Hills
    Lead your people. Survive the wilderness. Fight for honor. Reclaim your eternal reward. A brand new strategy game from the developers of Cultures and The Settlers II.
  • Cultures - Northland
    The Vikings are back! Get this RTS classic!

For Asgard!


Thanks for the new batch of games! :blush:

Anyone played any of these and would like to comment?


Valhalla Hills is published by Daedelic which is basically signifying it’s not worth your time.

Actually, both are, so I will keep on stacking coins lol


Yeah I have played Valhalla Hills a little and it was ok but there are just so many better strategy games out there that I never went back to it. I agree with @Four to keep stacking coins.




A cute little Chronie just gave me a key for Valhalla Hills( You know who you are!) I lacked 75 coins …Best surprise !:scream::heart_eyes_cat::gift::tada:

Chronies are the best! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


10/10 best community I’ve ever been a part of.


If I wasn’t also doing this:

… I’d get Robin Hood, lol.




Aren’t Deponia and Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth really good though? That’s what I have read.


They have multiple games with were very well received overall by their players; the Steam scores speak for themselves (and, yes, we all know that system is far from perfect, but we can also all agree that a game which scores 93% on Steam is generally a pretty good game and a game that scores 50% is generally a shit game). Daedelic have several 90%+ games but for some reason there’s a very vocal minority about them.


This game is simply outstanding. To me it’s Deadalic’s most well-crafted game. Very well-rounded, from its story to its soundtrack to its art. :yellow_heart:

I hate Deponia so ask @CptMold instead about that one. :+1:


My bestie and I always tag team puzzle games. Deponia though - some of the puzzles are really off the wall, it’s not too obvious what to do and then the solution is well, as weird as the MC.