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New Shop Games - 5/31/19




If you put all the games ever made into a giant virtual bag, and you shook that bag real good, then pulled out two games, today’s shop games are exactly what you’d get. There’s seemingly no logic to the choices today, they are polar opposites in almost every way. One is a single-button music-based action game with bright colors released in the last year. The other is a nearly 20-year-old isometric strategy game based on the legend of Robin Hood.

It would make sense to only grab one of these games, since the likelihood of someone enjoying both seems small, but you could view that as a challenge. In fact, get both and then play both at the same time. Live life on the edge.

  • Odium to the Core
    Odium to the Core is a challenging single-button, music based game with a dark monochromatic art style. Guide Odium through dangerous and intense music-fueled levels to eliminate the spreading corruption. Reach the core and save the world!
  • Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood
    Roam the dense foliage of Sherwood, come face to face with royal trouble and battle against Prince John’s forces as you take on the role of legendary nobleman, Robin Hood.

There’s a method to the madness.


Did it again! “Oh, Odium. I’ll have tha…oh, I already own it” Sigh :wink:

How’s that, Madam @delenn13? :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a game you don’t own???

Is there a reason you don’t include a link TO the store??? Was just wandering :thinking:


Me? Link? Store?


YES, YOU!!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:From now on, your mission in life is to provide a link to the Coin Store when ever @lonin posts a thread about a coin shop game. He shouldn’t have to since he’s the boss. It makes perfect sense for you to do it.:joy: It will give you a purpose in life…:thinking:


Well now I want Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood because it looks like something I’d enjoy (play lots of olden games on GOG). Hmm. :thinking:


Oh my, Robin Hood, The Legend of Sherwood Forest. Also known as Commandos for kids. Damn I loved that game, got it from a games magazine ages ago. Really fun game, does the whole Commandos-like shtick really well and has a nice variety of characters with diverse skills and a lot of ways to interact with the environment. I can only recommend it! :grin:


I’m surprised to see these aren’t sold out too. :roll_eyes:



What the hell, I got it. I read it doesn’t work on Windows 10 but that seems like a challenge to me. I’ll figure it out, but point and click adventures were my favorites as a kid and Robin Hood just looked too good to pass up. :laughing:


doesnt the dgVoodoo 2 trick work on win10 too?
otherwise try the moddb suggestion in post 50 maybe


I’m not sure, just read the Steam reviews of people saying it doesn’t work on Win10 and unfortunately that’s what I had to upgrade to. I’ll try those fixes. Thanks Gnuffi! :slight_smile: