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New Shop Games - 3/8/19


…or at least some penny rolls! :cry:


50k? I could have bought it 99 times at that price range :tipping_hand_man:


427 coins shy of being able to get Monstrum :disappointed_relieved:


Yay for earthlings, seems like a cool game and after not being interested in the last few coin shop additions it’s nice to be able to spend my coins on that one.


Attack of the Earthlings looks good. No more coins after I do. Time to cash in! Thanks!


I’ve had Monstrum on my wishlist for a while now. Thanks a lot!


Grabbed Monstrum. Thanks!


you might still be able to get it, still 60% left probably due to the relatively high price (compared to those 1-5k games)


Can’t believe 1 game remains in the shop this long after release. Let alone BOTH games! It’s great to see :smile:


they should add a bunch of poop games, just to silence all the ppl constantly complaining about the lack of games :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Don’t give them ideas.