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New Shop Games - 2/8/19



Nice job, apart from the weird date format of course. It’s not August yet.


great! but i still think that if “they” can’t see it without clicking on the game (it’s not rly an issue with games that are still live, but more with the sold out ones), “they” will still continue to complain that “no games were added to the coin shop” even though “they checked every second of their breathing lives”

the most impressive thing is that this was done “live” and with a hammer


We don’t deserve you guys.

I rate it poop/10. OUTSTANDING job!

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


This is a totally fair point and something we can address if there still seems to be confusion. I wanted to try and avoid covering the banner if possible but we can find other ways to display it if need :slight_smile:

Really appreciate the feedback from the community!


How about leaving the game with the new label, added date and the sold out in [time] line on the Games section for the two weeks it takes to put more games so people know which games they missed on?


Apparently I already have the game DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition.

Here is a key I can’t use: BYPQI-9K0MP-D6BH9

Didn’t think it was worth making a thread or trying to trade as this game is usually pretty cheap and has been free in the past. Apologies if I did this wrong. Enjoy