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New Shop Games - 2/8/19




Two weeks ago we brought you some games that didn’t have much at all in common. To make up for that, today we’re bringing you two games that are linked at their very core. One is about game development and managing a game dev studio. The other is a psychological horror adventure. Like we said, basically the same exact thing. So, instead of quitting your corporate job to make the next indie masterpiece, maybe play these games side-by-side first.

  • DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition
    DISTRAINT is a 2D psychological horror adventure game for PC. In order to secure a partnership in a famous company, Price seizes the property of an elderly woman. In that very moment, he finds out the price of his humanity.
  • Game Corp DX
    Manage your Game Studio, earn big bucks, impress the critics, beat rival studios and clean up at the awards!

Enjoy the crunch!

Add more games to the shop -.-
Coin Shop games not coming out as often anymore?
Coin-shop needs games

Yay new games, thanks Chrono! But I already got DISTRAINT, more saving for me it looks like. :sweat_smile:


Think I will pass based on @coralinecastell 's review (unless anyone wishes to controvert?).


Well if @coralinecastell don’t like it we must burn it to the ground!

It has also been freely given away several times very recently.


Man I’ve been saving up for a couple months but I finally got a game. This site and community rocks. I honestly love how they’re is so many people that share awesome stuff across this site. Hopefully one day I could get a sponsorship. More people need to know how cool this site can be. :smiley:



What he said. Also the game succs :hugs:


Is there anyone we should maniacally tag on this post? :thinking:


if Game Corp DX is similar to that Battle royal game they have, then it’s not worth getting either. You got more fun playing some flash games on Kongregate.



Give me a bit and I will set up a “Sticky Post” about The NEW COIN SHOP, OK? Then if need be, you can direct them to that thread.

Yes, I, finally, deleted a few threads. Not. Very. Happy!


euh, u deleted my thread though Lonin actually “liked” it?

i get that u delete the one about the forum being on fire, sure (though honestly i’m not sure i understand why that was necessary, since it was just a joke in general which surely can’t piss anyone off?), but that other one actually did serve some purpose


I feel you dude. I’ve had two posts in the past couple days deleted.To be honest it’s starting to trigger me a little bit.


I’d also again stress that it is impossible (I checked myself) to create a post about the coin shop not having/not adding games without the site reminding u that several of these already exist AND also showing the threads made by @lonin every 2 weeks when they add new games to the coin shop, so the ppl who make those threads are shown the threads about ADDED games while trying to create their threads complaining about games not being added

thus, they fully deserve some backlash for that

(and I have no issue admitting that i maybe went a bit too far with my ace ventura talking-from-his-ass clip, but then again i’d also stress that i only used that because that person was simply lying about how they’d been checking the coin shop every single day and have never seen any new game added to it in over 2 months; and that comes in addition to the fact that they simply neglected those threads the forum shows u while making their thread, as i mentioned above)

@delenn13 no hard feelings though, but needed to express myself on the subject


Big ol newts.


I agree with you, wholeheartedly. I don’t know how they missed it. But there are people that have tunnel vision and all they see is what they want to see. As @Fraggles said the other day, you have to remember this is a store and a business and everyone in this forum represents

And I am sure I may have come in a bit strong…deleting things…SORRY! I am working on a STICKY FAQ so all you need to do it direct them to that…Because I am tired of dealing with the SAME question too…


that’s not true though; i mean, I’m all for being a welcoming and helpful community, but I don’t think we all represent; i do agree i would never want to affect chrono’s image in a bad way

in fact, the exact reason some of us get frustrated is exactly because some ppl are simply unjust towards, and some don’t care about the facts at all, and some even blatantly lie…


ok, as for the whole situation with ppl being unaware of new games being added and whatnot, there’s a simple solution which would not need too much work (i think)

@lonin @frst couldn’t u simply add a little tag to every game in the coin shop (top right corner of the game’s picture, for example) that says “added on [insert date here]” and that way ppl could see when the games that sold out (or are still available) were added and would automatically realize that they sold out but did in fact get added on such-and-such date…


Wouldn’t even have to clutter the icon up tbh.
I’d add it to the expanded details when you click the icon. I went looking earlier and was a little surprised I couldn’t actually find a date when the game was added even though you can sort the games by this metric.


Not a bad idea, I’ll bring it up with frstywrsty


u know they won’t click the icon of a sold-out game though, and they’ll just assume no games were added recently and go and make a new thread about it…

could also be written above or under the icon though…


guys, just do it as follows:



I think bold letters in a super huge font cluttering the entire screen should do it. What do you guys think?

great idea btw @M00


Ask and ye shall receive: