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New Shop Games - 2/22/19



Fuuuu they all gone! lol


Wow those games went fast. I managed to pick up Syberia II at around 80%


I didn’t even see them before they sold out, maybe finally follow the idea dozens suggested before: Release the keys in batches so all the time zones have chances at getting a game

it has been suggested before in this and other threads and it’s basically the only way for fair distribution unless you wanna stay USA centric


I am in the US, but I work 3rd shift, so 10am is should be sleepytime for me.

I think @Four’s suggestion for staggered releases is decent, but I have no idea what kind of headaches this might cause for the wonderful people at Chrono. I’d be interested to hear what they might have to say on this, though.

I appreciate the coin shop as it is, even though I’m usually I should always be asleep when they drop.

I should be asleep right now! Good night, everyone! :sleeping:


I live in Europe and i was able to buy both games.
The real problem is the low amount of keys


How is early evening in Europe on a Friday USA centric??? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

It’s exactly the opposite, at that time ppl in the US are either at work or in school.



yea i would sorta say the same thing, actual favours EU way more as is


If I understand the recurring Coin Shop timing complaints correctly, more than a matter of regions, a one-time drop vastly increases the chances of a lot of people missing out on them.

The reasons are many. Like you pointed out, for example, they could be study or work related, as well as sleep related, or simply forgetfulness – aside from Erminator and Discobot we’re all humans here, after all.

I personally don’t have any original suggestions of my own and don’t feel strongly towards anything that has been suggested so far.

HOWEVER, I do agree with the overwhelming feeling that the current situation is not ideal.

Regardless if I am currently able to get the games I want or not, I’m still upset at the fact that some people that would have a grand time with these games are just not managing to get a hold of them due to timezones or keys running out outstandingly fast – a collateral to another issues we are all well aware of: many people buy these games only to retrade them.

To those that have been stating they are able to get the CS games living in Europe, South America, USA or Narnia, I don’t think that detracts from the argument that many others are not having the same opportunity.

I just don’t think it’s a sensible argument.

I do hope the Chrono team finds a sustainable long-term solution to the games-running-out-issue for brighter days with fewer “please restock the Coin Shop” weekly posts and more games finding happy homes.

/rant over


without Poop in my soup.

I would say the problem stems from the amount of stockpiled coins and the number of people. I personally have 46K coins. I’m sure there are people out there with more or as much as me.


My bad, anyway, whatever centric, would be sweet to give similar chances of obtaining keys to everybody :slight_smile:

I didn’t think through which country is favoured the most, just me assuming it’s like it’s always on the web haha sorry


In Spain it is 6:00 p.m. it’s just when you get home after working xD


to fast empty :triumph::-1: