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New Shop Games - 2/22/19


Wow, never knew Syberia was given away anywhere. I bought both games several times: discs, steam copies for library, steam copies for friends… The games are really cheap on sales, too. But if you’re bathing in chrono coins and never played Syberia games before, then this one is a good catch. I played it first, and it felt like a solid stand-alone adventure, even if it technically is not, and I was learning the background while playing - instead of knowing it all from Syberia. It felt great, and I still separate these two games in mind, but of course the proper way would be playing in order.


I didn’t know this existed! Thank you!!


dang it :confounded: -i spent “hard-earned” coins today,
how dare ye foil my plans of a mountainous stockpile of coins in preparation for world domination by crashing the establishment’s currency system and overtaking it with my coffers of C-gold :triumph:
but i thank thee for your offerings which i chose to spend my shiny spinning digital tributes on :+1:


Playnite needs to be in my life!!! Thanks for the recommendation :grin:


got syberia II—looks fun!


While I personally really enjoyed the Syberia series I must say offering the 2nd one seems a little odd. The story is very much a continuation of what is started in the first one and I would urge anyone who picked up Syberia 2 today to get the first one and play that first.

It’s a really rather weird story in a very weird world and starting it in the middle will probably only make it all that much harder to get into.


you guys sure brought up those point and click keys quick


Oops. I thought this was finally an opportunity to pick up Syberia 2 only to find out I already had it. Now someone else gets it for free.



@joku, it’s a good idea to obscure the key in some way so bots don’t snatch it up. Something like ?PQ84-BFP8?-03YKB and then say ?=the letter before B. Some people are more creative than me.

We appreciate your generosity, though! I hope a human got it! :grin:


Took Syberia 2 before it sold out. Thanks for the new games!


already sold out :slight_smile:



Fuuuu they all gone! lol


Wow those games went fast. I managed to pick up Syberia II at around 80%


I didn’t even see them before they sold out, maybe finally follow the idea dozens suggested before: Release the keys in batches so all the time zones have chances at getting a game

it has been suggested before in this and other threads and it’s basically the only way for fair distribution unless you wanna stay USA centric


I am in the US, but I work 3rd shift, so 10am is should be sleepytime for me.

I think @Four’s suggestion for staggered releases is decent, but I have no idea what kind of headaches this might cause for the wonderful people at Chrono. I’d be interested to hear what they might have to say on this, though.

I appreciate the coin shop as it is, even though I’m usually I should always be asleep when they drop.

I should be asleep right now! Good night, everyone! :sleeping:


I live in Europe and i was able to buy both games.
The real problem is the low amount of keys


How is early evening in Europe on a Friday USA centric??? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

It’s exactly the opposite, at that time ppl in the US are either at work or in school.



yea i would sorta say the same thing, actual favours EU way more as is