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New Shop Games - 2/22/19




Was anyone else told when they were growing up, in no uncertain terms, to never point? We were told this constantly and our fingers were slapped down like annoying flies. It only makes sense then that we became deathly afraid of the act of pointing. It’s embarassing, but it took us years to be comfortable using a mouse, and when touch screens proliferated, we spent many nights curled in the fetal position, our hands clenched into perfectly spheroid fists so that no one could think we were indicating any sort of direction.

Now, that’s all changed. We found hope in a genre of games that many others forgot, point-and-click adventures. The once terrifying namesake allowed us to cast off our shackles and once again be free to aim our digital digits where we please. So if you, like us, were brutally opressed in your formative years, there’s hope. The games today will set you free.

  • Yesterday Origins
    John Yesterday becomes immortal following an occult ritual. However, not everything goes to plan. He and his girlfriend Pauline must embark on an investigation to try to reproduce the immortality ritual. But his former acquaintances have other plans for him…
  • Syberia II
    Having searched Eastern and Western Europe for a missing heir, Kate Walker finally completed her long and arduous journey, obtaining the signature of Hans Voralberg and closing the automaton factory buyout. Mission accomplished?!

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Very nice!!! I picked up both coin shop games this week :grinning:


Great picks! Thanks so much, Chrono.

Despite my love for p&c I never played Syberia… guess I should get the second!

Anyone knows if you can play it without having played the first? Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers. :hugs:


The story of the second is a direct continuation of the first, and the second finishes in an unsatisfactory manner in readiness for the third game.


Thanks dear, I’ll keep an eye out for the first installment, then. In any case, I got the second from the coin shop. Looks like my kind of game!

Once again, thanka to the Chrono team for the picks. (:


Yesterday Origins incorpates Denuvo, for those who care.


After hearing syberia 2 is a direct continuation of the first, I went to gog to see how much the first was. Gog must have given the first away at some point because I already own it and can’t remember purchasing it. If you have a gog account and try to keep up with there free games @coralinecastell you may want to check there and see if you own it already


Syberia has been given away on Steam too I think, as well as gog. And Syberia 2 has been given away by Origin on their On the House scheme. Check your libraries or install Playnite.


Thank you for pointing this out.

:no_entry_sign: DRM! :no_entry:


Wow, never knew Syberia was given away anywhere. I bought both games several times: discs, steam copies for library, steam copies for friends… The games are really cheap on sales, too. But if you’re bathing in chrono coins and never played Syberia games before, then this one is a good catch. I played it first, and it felt like a solid stand-alone adventure, even if it technically is not, and I was learning the background while playing - instead of knowing it all from Syberia. It felt great, and I still separate these two games in mind, but of course the proper way would be playing in order.


I didn’t know this existed! Thank you!!


dang it :confounded: -i spent “hard-earned” coins today,
how dare ye foil my plans of a mountainous stockpile of coins in preparation for world domination by crashing the establishment’s currency system and overtaking it with my coffers of C-gold :triumph:
but i thank thee for your offerings which i chose to spend my shiny spinning digital tributes on :+1:


Playnite needs to be in my life!!! Thanks for the recommendation :grin:


got syberia II—looks fun!


While I personally really enjoyed the Syberia series I must say offering the 2nd one seems a little odd. The story is very much a continuation of what is started in the first one and I would urge anyone who picked up Syberia 2 today to get the first one and play that first.

It’s a really rather weird story in a very weird world and starting it in the middle will probably only make it all that much harder to get into.


you guys sure brought up those point and click keys quick


Oops. I thought this was finally an opportunity to pick up Syberia 2 only to find out I already had it. Now someone else gets it for free.



@joku, it’s a good idea to obscure the key in some way so bots don’t snatch it up. Something like ?PQ84-BFP8?-03YKB and then say ?=the letter before B. Some people are more creative than me.

We appreciate your generosity, though! I hope a human got it! :grin:


Took Syberia 2 before it sold out. Thanks for the new games!


already sold out :slight_smile: