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New Shop Games - 12/28/18




Some claim that war never changes, but we’d have to disagree. We have two pieces of evidence that show that war has indeed changed in some pretty drastic ways. In our first piece of evidence, the dawn of the third millennium shows that war is fought not by man, but by beast and bot. The second piece shows war at a smaller scale, where a hero is using paint rather than bullets to defeat their foe. So don’t believe those who say war never changing, maybe they’re the ones that don’t change.

  • Splasher
    Splasher is a fun and challenging 2D Platformer filled with humor and surprises. Armed with a paint cannon, you’ll face the dangers of the Inkorp mega-factory in order to save your companions, the Splashers, and put an end to the Machiavellian projects of the evil boss, Le Docteur.
  • Post Human W.A.R
    Post Human W.A.R is a turn-based tactical and psychological strategy game, with no randomness. It is set in an absurd post-apocalyptic world. Unmask the enemy’s secret unit and destroy it to win the game!

Neither game comes with a canvas bag, sorry.


Well there we go, you can always trust @lonin to do things in a timely manner.



I nearly did it again! “Ohhh, Splasher!”. I checked this time. Yup, it’s sitting there, untouched, in my Steam directory


I kinda want to get splasher but it’ll take me down to 2000 coins and I have a feeling about the the next batch of games :thinking:


overpriced tbh


dude, these are $15 games…


splasher still worth the coins


I had a thought about it and I’m passing since I still got super meat boy to finish which I haven’t touched in months and a massive backlog as it is





You know how hard it is to click that coin, boi? You go in the store and buy games off the shelf but where I‘m from we click coins all day in the texas heat to get games onto our harddrives!
I‘ve inherited my mouse from my father, who was a Tremor farmer, who taught me how precious 0.0001 seconds of my life are and that everything in life should be free if I complain and bitch enough!


Was so interested in this till I read it requires you to sign up to their system to play single player, shame


2 great looking games!

I was so sure they would be sold out but what a surprise. I got them both now. I have no coins anymore but coins aren’t for hoarding anyway.



I didn’t have enough coins for Splasher but a Christmas Angel :innocent: came to my rescue.:+1:t2:

We have SOOOOOO many generous people on this forum. It really amazes me. Thank you for the angels.:angel:t2:


Ooh tempted on splasher but like @Agzer that would put my coin supply a bit lower than I’d like.
I’ll think about it.


Splasher looks great! I say go ahead and get it if you have the coins. You can get a few coins back over the next 2 weeks :slight_smile:



I don’t have enough coins @ARS85 - otherwise I would have bought it for ya! :frowning:


can’t u just mint a few?