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New Shop Games - 11/30/18


I have 13 friends who have Balan City and they are NOT showing owning the FREE OST


I was looking at it as well, but needed 4 more days for a chest :confused:
Although I am not really sure what kind of game it is? Card game? Turn based?


ARPG fits the best I think.


Anyone have a spare copy of Forced Showdown? I wasn’t able to purchase it in time :’(


With your username I thought you would understand the nature of fleeting availability and be able to cope with its finitude.
No spare copies, we all die eventually. Learn to deal with it and be faster next time.


I wouldn’t too sassy with someone called like that If I had any appreciation for my own life!


Lol, I know, its one of those games you might wanna try but not a must get. Just testing my luck tbh :slight_smile:

Edit: Listen to Eidos