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New Shop Games - 11/30/18




Even though we are deeply embedded in the gaming industry, no one at Chrono would consider themselves a game developer, that’s a skill none of us really have. That being said, after selling games for nearly 1,000 straight days, we think we’re at least slightly qualified to comment on game design generally, and we’re here to drop a bombshell: games are all about balance.

This may be a shocking development for some of you, but don’t worry, it will all make sense after playing these two new shop games. You see, one of them uses a more abstract concept of balance to create compelling mechanics. The other uses the literal concept of physical balance as its primary focal point. Both require skill and strategy, both require balance, and both are great games. This ends our essay.

    Deckbuilding empowers this challenging bullet hell adventure! Each character is a unique experience: Choose a deck of unlockable cards to boost you in new ways every battle - “My whirlwind shoots fireballs!?”. Battle hordes of brutal foes to become a superstar in C-SAR’s ever-changing game show.
  • BalanCity
    BalanCity is a city building / balance physics game. It’s a mixture between old school SimCity and Jenga. You must build the tallest towering city over a balancing platform while keeping your citizens happy…

The Wii Balance Board is a whole other topic.


Cool! Forced showdown had been sitting on my wishlist for a while.

Edit: finished 3 levels… definitely an awesome game but I really hope the next levels are longer and the maps bigger. Atm I can reach from one side of the map to the other in 10 seconds. Also not a fan of consumables in a bullet-hells but w/e. Ohh cool you can make a deck without them.


Jokes on you Hammerwatch, I like Forced better! Seriously though, pretty cool.


Forced Showdown looks cool…Purchased. Thank you! :slight_smile:


I’ve played both of these. Forced Showdown is definitely the winner here. Solid game. It’s like an isometric sort of ARPG but you have to clear of enemies and then fight a boss on the last one. You collect different ‘cards’ that function as buffs and new abilities throughout and the whole thing is in a progression system designed to be like a game show/tv show. I got sidetracked and didn’t finish it, but it’s cool and there’s a little collection of characters you can use for replayability. This is from the same guys that previously made Forced and more are still working on Minion Masters (you’ll see a lot of reused character designs).

BalanCity is decent, but it’s not so much a city builder in the traditional sense as it’s just a strange game about balancing things. It works for a cheap little time waster but it’s nowhere near the polish or quality of Forced Showdown.


Thank you chrono for great games, much appreciated. Picked up balancity.:+1:


Oof, bois. I’m thinking about grabbing it just for trading. Forced Showdown that is. I don’t know, thooooo. What if I’m stuck with it and I don’t wanna play iiiiit? Uuuurrrgghhh


I got Minion Masters in my steam inventory when I redeemed Forced Showdown. Glorious!


Ohh lol. I didn’t even noticed. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh man this is really cool. While I’m not exactly interested in the either genre of games, I’m really happy to see how many quality games are being given in this new wave. I wonder if theres a way to submit a wishlist of sorts(or how much they would cost to be put in the shop, lol)
I’d love to see some small fries like Mount your Friends or Stick Fight.


Both games are nice. Took a work “smoke” break to check coin shop for once I had the time to cut away.


What does it mean by “review version” on Forced Showdown? Just curious cause that’s what it said when I redeemed key. Good to see this game in the shop though.


I did not, could there be a specific reason for this?
Edit: not that I am upset or something, I’m not that interested in Minion Masters.
It’s just weird that some would get the extra game and others don’t (regionlocks maybe?)
What about all of you guys, who got it who didnt?


I got a minion masters thing (because I had the game wich was given for free before). Not sure what it is, seems like a little addition. Maybe Raisar was confused and it’s not the game but again, it was given for free time ago so, not that strange.

@DownwardConcept And then you will need to look for trades when a game you actually want to play pops in the coin shop if you lack coins. My advice is not doing it.


I got my 9th copy of Minion Masters (or some such), given away every single spare, and gifted my brother the $20 Starter Pack Edition (whichever one gives you a bucketload or rubies). It’s not a bad competitive deck builder at all - quite fun and fast paced, never feel like raging even if you lose. Also, love the latest content updates (added campaigns, new bosses, new maps) which gave some love to the single-player aspect of the game even though it’s mostly a competitive online multiplayer ladder game. If you’re even remotely interested in actually playing it, DM me for a key (have at least 2 sitting in inventory).

TBH not playing it now, but that’s not because it’s bad - I’m just burned out on all card games not named Slay the Spire right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I didn‘t get it, but because my expectations of what I could trade for were too high. Coins saved! :raised_hands:t2:


Thanks for Forced: Showdown Chrono!

No, it’s the full game.


Good eye, I saw the picture saying “New content released” and assumed it was a DLC. Thanks for the clarification.


:hugs: :sparkling_heart:

(it’s probably some elaborate conspiracy plot; to make us spend our coins and disrupt the global market, by possessing a controlling majority in your secret Fort Chrono vaults ! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :male_detective:)


Damn. I was interested in Forced Showdown.