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Please explain how pointing out that loophole of trying to make things fair for everyone is an “all or nothing” of my part.
Its not, and even with such system that you suggested,we would see the same complaints,except this time over ppl not catching up with the early birds with an even smaller key pool. It would be essentially putting a bandaid on a perceived problem then cutting an even bigger hole on it with a chainsaw.

Theres an old saying that everybody has time for things they really want to have for.


You don’t seem to understand that while putting 2 batches of keys 12 hours apart won’t make things 100% fair it will make things MORE fair to people in different time zones. The key word is MORE here. Yes we all know from your arguements there is no way to make it 100% fair but what many of us are saying is we want it MORE fair to people in different time zones.

That really shouldn’t be so hard to understand. 2 batches 12 hours apart makes it so people in other time zones can still sleep, work or go to school and still have more of a chance to not see a popular game immediately sold out.


Dont get me wrong, i see what you mean and thank you for making a well constructed reply

Its just that im doubtful of it fixing the main issue of what ppl bring up, aka keys disappearing fast, fairness or not

Actually for the sake of seeing the other side of the argument, im gonna bite: and what about other timezones than for the US? should they divide the keypool even more for lets say ppl living in SEA region as well? if not, wouldnt that be kind of a discrimination against ppl not living in EU or USA timezone?

I know you mean good with this suggestion but it feels like a slippery slope


You seriously do not see how a 2nd key drop improves things or how people can’t “adapt” to deal with the one drop?

Here let me try to explain it to you.

Now lets drop another batch of keys 6h later.

Whoo boy look at that, MOST other people will have access to a new batch of keys at a very reasonable time. The pacific west would still have a bit of a complaint sure, most people wont be home from work or school by then, but do you see how huge a section of new people suddenly would have a far easier time to check the coin shop like this? Maybe make it 7 or even 8h and it’d be even better.


I’ll have to start collecting coins again. Getting scarily low if you keep putting out these bangers! Instantly got myself Heroes of Hammerwatch. Thanks so much, @lonin, @dusty, @Ernin8t0r, @EMCL, @frst… also you’re growing as a company! Just saw all the new additions in the about us section! Anyway, good stuff, thanks and bye!


I missed the first Hammerwatch due to not participating since day one, I saw as keys vanished while I didn’t have quite enough but still managed to grab Brigador in the end, which was another big wanted game by the people.

This time around I was able to acquire a key just because of notifications. I have them activated on my browser and via email. It popped on my inbox and I saw it on my phone so I logged in to get a key. I had already previously visited the site that day so I would probably miss if it wasn’t for the notifications.

It’s important to have notifications on if you don’t wanna miss out. I know not everyone will look all the time at their phones, I personally don’t, and may be busy. But it will help most of the times and it’s a quick way to get to the daily deals.


I wish there were teachers out there with your dedication to explain things man. I had one of those when I was a kid and that man certainly saved me from setting the school on fire.

Having civil discussions sure it’s great, but have you tried this?


:white_check_mark: Is scary to birds”

ACKCHYUALLY I think you have that the other way around :bird:



Oh, I’m 24hs late and it’s already sold out.


Considering that Steam sales generally last 3-14 days or so, I think that’s a horrible point to try to hang your hat on.


good show :+1:, pretty amazing you chose a brand new game, and for only 10,000 coins too :dizzy_face:, you really do spoil us sometimes,
-not complaining, just saying why i might get upset; if i don’t get that super shiny sweet 16th party of my dreams now too :wink: :joy:


y dude, but that’s totally unfair to astronauts as well as explorers who are elbow-deep in rhino shit in the Amazon for months at a time, no to mention some of the hidden jungle tribes themselves who still haven’t even seen a phone in their lifetime, so he does have a point



Both gone once I got there (2 hours late). RIP