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New Shop Games - 11/16/18




The humble pixel doesn’t get enough love. We, as gamers, look at literally trillions of different pixels every day. How many times do we stop and admire those little squarebois? Not often enough in our estimation.

That’s why we’re excited to offer two games today on the coin shop that highlight the beauty of pixels by putting them front in center. Instead of 3D games with millions of vertices or 2D games with high resolution art, these games hearken back to a time when pixels were thicc and got the appreciation the deserved.

  • Heroes of Hammerwatch
    Heroes of Hammerwatch is a rogue-lite action-adventure. Explore and battle your way through procedurally generated levels on your own or with up to 3 friends.

  • Kingdom: Classic
    Kingdom is a 2D sidescrolling strategy/resource management hybrid with a minimalist feel wrapped in a beautiful, modern pixel art aesthetic.

We don’t support Pixels the movie, though.


NICE! really loved the first hammerwatch and even made a level pack for it


Heroes of Hammerwatch is 100% worth it.


it’s actually been on my wishlist for a while,really happy I had 30k coins laying around so I could spend them on today’s games :smiley:

pretty much made me coinless but i’m happy I got cool games I wanted ^^


Ok this is kind of crazy. Less than 45 minutes after the games are announced and Heroes of Hammerwatch is already 73% gone.


78% now. I reckon Chrono were given 100 keys


I grabbed Heroes of Hammerwatch - for the record, Steam threw on error when I tried to activate my key, but it seems to have joined my steam library anyway. I’m going to chalk that up as a glitch and see what happens when I get home to my actual system.


.。.:* ☆::…。.:* ☆::. P I X E L S .::.☆*.:。…::.☆*.:。.


yeah Steam acts up sometimes like that. There have been times where it tells me the key is invalid and i try again in a couple minutes and it works fine.


Well I got it… I’m left with 975 coins right now and if tomorrow deal doesn’t give me at least 25 coins I’m leaving! :smiley:

Thanks Chrono… you never managed to get me lower than 10k coins and now I have less than 1k - this means great shop games recently!


Sold out in less than 3 hours…wow


So in a little over an hour Heroes of Hammerwatch has sold out. I really wish this site would release like half the keys at 1 hour then the other half 12 hours later to be fairer to people with different schedules.

Or 1/3 of the copies every 8 hours too would work as well.


Lowest amount of coins I’ve ever had (apart from the beginning of course), I think


We are in the exact same boat buddy! I feel naked now :frowning:


I dont necessarily agree to be honest

not trying to be rude but nobody ever promised the system to be fair, its physically impossible to make it fair, and changing it all the way around wouldnt make it any better.

if you can make it in time: good for you, if not then maybe next time. i see no reason why tweak the system in such a fashion which would do more harm than good. To give you an example: when you have lets say 10 000 games with 30 000 people wanting to grab those copies, it doesnt matter if you give 100 copies half an hour for 200 people, because there always will be people missing out, period.

also keep in mind that popular games tend to sell out fast, especially since many people including me were hoarding 10+k coins on us.

The bigger problem here being are people who are reselling/giving away those keys on steamgifts but thats another story for another time.

TL;DR your idea wouldnt make things any more fair other than making people swear off the coin shop altogether instead of what we currently have, one set time when they release the keys… There is certainly room for improvements, granted, but the way keys are distributed is not one of them.

Dont wanna miss out? be there on time, just like everybody else. Chrono staff has no obligation or possbility to set time according to every possible timezones out there.

I know this isnt the answer you want to hear but im afraid you would hear roughly the same if you directly asked the staff.


Shoooot man. I cant believe I’m an hour late. I wouldn’t even double think of getting Hammerwatch.
Lovely additions to the shop, guys. Thank you.

EDIT: Also, does anyone know why Hotline Miami to this day hasn’t sold out? I’m under the impression that is a banger of a game. Is it because its so good its a must have for every player anyway so they don’t buy a second key, or perharps there is 1 million keys in the store?


I would wager that most people who really wanted to get the first game got it ages ago/ got deeply discounted and bundled so many times that its not as “desired” for users that is.

Still more worth its coin price than Minion Masters, a game that was given out like hotcakes gajillion times


Why is that a bigger problem? If I’m an active member of chrono and visit every day for my coins, why shouldn’t I do what I wish with my purchase?


My personal “beef” with that use is when ppl resell/ regift those games (aka emphasis here being using those keys for profit) and thus take away the chances from users who would wanna play the game. And when you have popular games such as Hammerfall that sells out fast, you can see why it becomes a problem IF a huge chunk of those keys get in hands of ppl who just wanna flip it for profits .

That said its just my personal opinion, but Im fairly confident that coinshop games were never there so that ppl can mass resell them on g2a/keyseller sites for instance and so on and so forth. Its not about them having written rules other than just common courtesy of using those keys for personal use if possible.
Do you think its a coincidence that whenever xy game gets released in the coinshop, sudddenly a lot of giveaways on steamgifts for the same game pops up? I think not, and the fact that ppl essentially try and game the system while also taking away keys from ppl who genuinely would ve ayed the game feels scummy to say the least.

Bottomline is: only your conscience/ moral code is stopping you, just wanna put things into perspective. Just keep in mind something: the fact that we have the coin shop is a privilege, not a right and I would rather not wait to have few bad apples ruin the whole thing for everyone.

The reason why I said bigger problem is because having a limited key supply already makes it tricky to get a copy and if you add potential bots and whatsnot, it becomes a recipe for endless frustration.


I understand where you’re coming from, but I would only feel that way if people actually were profiting. Steamgifts still means people get the game who want the game.