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New Shop Games - 10/18/19




It’s that time of the year again. The vacant big-box retail stores dotting every city have suddenly begun to bloom black and orange as the Spirits and Halloween Expresses emerge from their haunted slumber. That means its time for you to pick a costume… Or not. Go ahead, you can wait a few more days, right? You’ll get to it next week. Sure. You definitely won’t wait until 2 hours before your boss’s “totally optional” annual Halloween party to scramble into one of those stores which have by that time been nearly picked clean like sun-bleached bones in the desert making you scrape together a makeshift costume that makes you look like an illegal knock-off of a Minion. A Miniion if you will. No, that would be irresponsible of you.

  • I am not a Monster
    XCOM-like tactical turn-based strategy with Mafia game elements. The Complete Edition includes the single-player campaign and 6-player multiplayer.
  • Dino Run DX
    DINOSAURS. PIXELS. PYROCLASTIC DOOM WALLS. MULTIPLAYER RACING. MASSIVE INDIE CROSSOVERS. Dino Run DX has all of that and more. Come rediscover the original runner and escape extinction all over again.

Pick a costume.


I still need 200 coins to purchase Tracks.


Oh my! It’s @yoshirules on steroids :exploding_head:



I’m not a Monster looks really cool, even if it’s not my cup o’ tea. Dino Dun DX looks like nice trash.


Agreed, I love the pop-sci look. I would only be playing it for the singleplayer campaign though, and I’m having difficulty determining if that facet is any good. Seems a number of people have complained about reaching a certain point in the campaign and just finding it annoying. I’ll have to think on it some more.