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New Shop Games - 1/11/19




We try and be pretty inclusive here at Chrono HQ. Whether you’re into fast-paced co-op arcade arcade or turn-based text adventure RPGs, we’ve got you covered. If you like both of those things, then today is your lucky day my friend, 'cause those are exactly what we’re offering on the coin shop. Take a fun, relaxing jaunt through a choice-driven adventure, or grab a friend and solve challenging, tactical combat puzzles. Either way, you’ll have a great time.

  • Star Story: The Horizon Escape
    Join the journey of a funky space archaeologist who crashed on an unknown planet. A text turn-based adventure RPG in which your choices actually matter. Talk, explore, fight, make decisions to find a way out! Colourful graphics and the old comic book spirit.
  • FORCED: Slightly Better Edition
    FORCED is a challenging 1-4-player game with co-op at its heart! A mix of tactical arcade action, RPG elements and puzzles will forge you and your friends together. As slaves in the toughest gladiator school of them all, you will face a plethora of unique trials - designed to be your death!

If you don’t like either game, better luck next time.

Coin Shop games not coming out as often anymore?

I like Forced, it is an enjoyable puzzler! Sort of like if Gauntlet decided to get really really interested in puzzles.


I already have both of these, oh well.


I picked up Star Story looks like a nice little casual :slight_smile:


I should probably get around to playing it then, no time lately.


To copy an old review I had when this was on sale for ChronoGG.

StarStory -
I bought this a while back when it was on sale on Steam.

To be completely honest? It’s… just not a well written game, story wise.

“'Again? Rly?” you thought.’"

There’s just grammar mistakes and bad writing everywhere, and the game is supposed to be story-based that you replay over and over to uncover different paths towards the ending. It doesn’t work out very well.

As for gameplay? Simple. Simple simple.

The crafting is basic. Click stuff on the world map as you walk in a straight line from battle to battle. Go back to base and use stuff you clicked to build things.

The battle system is turn-based, RPG, kinda standard. There’s no complexity, though. It’s kinda like “Baby’s first RPG.” It’s not necessarily a bad thing? If there was a great story that made up for the lackluster gameplay it’d be alright, but both elements are just below average.

I have 40,000 coins, no real reason to use them at the moment, and I still wouldn’t waste any on this game. It’s honestly just not good. :frowning:


noice :ok_hand:


That moment you get excited for new coin games, but then get disappointed because you already have both xD

but yea forced is a pretty good game!