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New Shop Games - 1/10/20




I don’t consider myself an expert in many things, but as an owner of two 20lb chonkers I feel that I’m imminently qualified to remark on overweight cats. That’s why I’m excited to be able to give an EXPERT’S recommendation on one of today’s coin shop games, Cat on a Diet. Having lived with and observed the behavior of pleasantly plump pussycats for years, I can attest to the accuracte representation of a dieting cat, in this case Cat on a Diet’s protaganist Dr. Meow. They are voracious creatures who will do anything for one extra nibble of kibble. So please, take my recommendation and grab this casual physics puzzler so that you too may become a fat cat expert.

Oh, and there’s also another casual puzzler about a millipede that wants to fly. Unfortunately, I never finished my degree in Entomological Avionics, so I don’t feel qualified to comment on it one way or another.

  • Cat on a Diet
    Swipe and prod to claw away at wooden blocks, unscrew bolts, control powerful magnets and explode highly volatile uranium – anything to reach those cookies!
  • Millie
    A joyful, casual puzzle game that will tease both your wits and your memory!

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im gonna skip this weeks games as well

I dont know what to say really, if you like these games then good on you. Personally im still not exactly impressed and not because i expect triple A titles onboard.

I hope next batch will have at least some action games or strategy ones to spice things up, because so far we had an influx of platformers and puzzle games nonstop. I have close to 30k coins i want to spend on something but theres just nothing decent to spend on and it really pains me (and yes, i know that value is highly subjective).

So far only the Dweller is remotely worth picking up


I’m a little curious about the process of selecting coin shop games. I assume that you pay a flat price to the developer/publisher for a set number of keys. The goal is probably to find games cheap enough in this process that you can get a fair number of keys so that they don’t ‘sell out’ in minutes. So the toughest part is finding a Steam game that is both appealing and affordable.

The whole purpose of the coin shop is to motivate people to come back every single day to click that button and at the very least view the deal of the day. So these purchases, in essence, are a promotional expense.

Now with all of the established based on assumptions, how do we get better games here? I think it’s probably outlandish to expect everything to be Dead Cells or whatever, but it would be nice to see more games like those that are sold out rather than those that have been hanging out for months. Maybe it would be better to do one game with twice the overall value.

Then again, this could all be wrong if the games chosen are provided for free for promotional purposes. If that’s the case, it could be worth investing in the process as promotion.

Also, it’s probably not fair to so immediately discount the quality of these games just from their trailer, low price, or release date. I’ve played some great indie games that I got for practically nothing. But speaking solely from a promotional standpoint, if goal is getting traffic, more recognizable games would probably do it.


Somewhere, I already have Cat on a Diet, I’d think. I’ve got a few cat related things. ^^ (Also, 2 actual cats).

The other is just nope - the creature is nope. Can’t stand. Noping out of here.


Idk cat on a diet is on my wishlist from a very long time ago but not sure if I will or not could be fun or not? Looks kinda like angry birds or those other physics games like the one you cover an orange or cut the rope etc.

As for millie. It’s honestly so cheap already often I see it on sale and im not sure about the gameplay. I nearly bought this so many times only to think nah i rather play something else. The reviews are like it’s a mobile port, alright but really it was designed for mobile and using some kind of energy system. I don’t think it’s a bad game but nah ama gonna save up, if i do get it id probably rather buy it or somethin anyway. Plus i got many games to play still :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Millie is basically a mix of Snake and Pacman. Pretty meh. How is Cat on a Diet? Looks cute at least. Also, adding to the disappointment with general coin store quality, not sure why I keep clicking the coin :confused: (the animation is nice). Is Chrono going to explain the fall? There are tons and tons of games I would be interested in that I see in history, and not only Dead Cells (I played Regions of Ruin and it’s nice in example)


Interesting, today’s Shop offerings are from Forever Entertainment. They seem to publish a variety of genres. I also had no idea they were involved in Fear Effect Sedna (presumably Square Enix gave permission for FE to publish on Steam?). Can’t quite gauge what Forever Entertainment specializes in though… Seems they’ll publish anything.

Also @lonin , do you write all the descriptions for the coin shops (like the mailing newsletter)? Because uh… The Fat Cat expert thing seems to be screaming your name. Also, “chonkers”? That’s a term now?


I have them both. :star_struck:

All of you have to remember the economy is not the best. Game devs and companies are closing shop at least once a week. No one is pounding on anyone’s door to give games away. Hopefully things will get better. Rude ranting and complaining isn’t going to change anything. It is…what it is…



Sorry if I came off as rude. Just wanted some words about the situation - you wrote some, and it’s cool :slight_smile:



NP! I wasn’t really singling you out. Didn’t mean to do that. You were polite compared to many other posts.

People that aren’t regulars around here( And once again, not pointing fingers at you, @DecadentHamster) need to understand that we hear this EVERY TWO weeks and it begins to grate on your nerves. That’s why we have a few regs that will just snap because it’s annoying to us.


Well, you know. Communication is a two-side thing - and while you can’t change the other people (especially that even if you suddenly gave Slay the Spire and Undertale, there will be naysayers that complain everyone has them or something) you can change the PR around them. I personally have no idea how, but it is certainly possible. Also, Warstone TD would be a great Coin Shop addition, but it’s just my opinion as I generally like TDs xD


Got both games because I was hoping for some puzzles I could pick up and play on a whim. Unfortunately, I didn’t find either game very enjoyable.

Cat on a Diet is frustratingly inconsistent, but that seems to be a staple of gravity “physics puzzles”. I should have known not to get it when I saw “physics puzzle” as one of the Steam tags, but my brain cell took a nap.

Millie is a much more solid game, but I couldn’t get into its Pac-Man + Snake mechanic.

Both games have that mobile “bunch of levels with 3 stars to get” level selection style, which IMHO encourages perfection over progress, and makes games more frustrating than they ought to be for perfectionists.

I think they would be fun games for people who find the mechanics appealing, but I should’ve done more research and saved my coins.


You win. I wish I could hit the like button repeatedly to increase the likes. Instead it disappointingly turns it on and off. You… You win.