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New payment method


We’re working on adding more!


if you are working on it why not bitcoin/altcoins? cryptos are the future


We’re not opposed in principal, but the volatility, transaction times, and being a new fraud vector make it pretty unattractive at the moment.


As a single exemple one of the top 10 altcoins XLM does transactions in 5seconds bottom of the page for stats

As far as i know you cant really reverse transactions, so fraud is far fetched in this case, but feel free to correct me, i would like to know!

more info on XLM ->

theres also reputable payment facilitators that will carry the transaction without you ever caring about holding cryptos, its really shouldnt be problematic…


Bumping this thread in light of the recent inflow of suggestions for :blush:

New payment methods and currencies: the suggestions that matter the most.:tm:

Just kidding, all suggestions matter.

But seriously though… please. :cry:

I get that the majority of the recent suggestions revolve getting more free things… I don’t want more free things… I just want to be taxed less when buying here.

Currently it’s impossible for me (and I’m sure several other international customers) to be a regular buyer not only because the dollar is sky-high and my economy is :poop: but because banks are stupid and paying with cc means paying even more for every single game.

The way it is the only places that are worthwhile buying things from are Steam, GOG and Nuuvem. Would be thrilled if Chrono would take steps towards that direction. :+1:

It sucks not living in North America some times.


Make iDeal a payment option. Nobody uses creditcards in the Netherlands for small purchases.


why not add the page where you have to fill up survey to unlock the key? alot of website seems to work wheel on that system /s


Care to point one such site? as far as I’m aware, filling surveys pay in the order of cents, and most of them are focused on people who either live in the US, or are willing to share their phone number or buy some other stuff.

Just like @coralinecastell I’d just like a less taxing price, is not like I want the game to be cheaper for me, but exchange rates tend to be quite obnoxious, sometimes reaching double the price.



and no i cant link any cuz they are scam site…


I er… sorry but your gonna have to shuffle that one for me a lot slower, what is the “/s” supposed to mean? what did I miss?




/s mean sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue:


We really need to put a standard on that thing, that’s a new one to me.

Edit: this is the one I was left with


y seems there’s a bunch of others as well:

· (!) Sarcasm
· <_< Sarcasm, look left
· /S Sarcasm
· :confused: Sarcasm
· LOLZ Laugh Out Loud (with sarcasm)
· SNH Sarcasm Noted Here
· ~ Denotes Sarcasm


not sarcasm
how is that so hard to get mixed up? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :man_shrugging:

PS. on the topic at hand, i’m totally cool with the idea of letting people in on the currency action if it was possible, -as long as you don’t start to charge in € :thinking:, nor my silly currency, please :kissing_heart:


There are loads of good sarcasm emotes, of which Gnuffi has used a bunch. /s not so much because for me I’ll always think of strike through


We have a task to add a bunch of new processors sitting in our backlog, we just need some bandwidth before we can implement it. I promise we’ll get to it!


Thanks, man! I really appreciate you giving us some feedback on this.

Can’t wait! Take care :hugs:


I wanna pay with Gil please thanks


They could add payment methods like Efecty