New Games Not To Buy (or Wishlist)

Hi everyone, there are a lot of us who play many different games and genres, but it’s still impossible to play the vast quantities of new releases or properly manage our wishlists based on all of the new titles popping up left and right.

The goal of this thread is to warn each other of new titles that perhaps look good and promising, but when you go to actually play it, it’s just really bad.

Perhaps the game is just priced too high for the amount of content that simply shouldn’t be (personal opinion of course).

There can be many reasons why you feel strongly about why a game shouldn’t be out there in its current shape/form/price/fun-ness or whatever your reasons are.

The game that got me thinking about something like this is one I just started playing yesterday called City Patrol: Police, which is just not good enough to be out on Steam for $24.99. It has bad voice acting and the missions in the campaign feel more or less useless. The game is kind of dull overall. I keep playing it hoping it will be better, but at the end of the day it feels like a mediocre to poorly made driving simulator with a silly story that doesn’t really make sense, with a police department who talk like gangsters from the early GTA games. I will probably spend some more time with this game, just in case it does get better. (I will report back if that’s the case.)

Played some more, really don’t feel like spending any more time with it. here’s my very negative review:

Feel free to share other such games and perhaps we can help keep our wishlists cleaner.

(Feel free to share older games that you strongly dislike but see a bunch of friends who have it on their wishlists as well.)

At the end of the day, we all have very limited resources, and I think it’s important to make sure that if we are to spend some time and money on certain products, that they at least have a Chrono community stamp of approval.



Fallout 76.
Though I’m guessing we’re all good and well aware of that one already. Not only does the game appear to be just plain boring, empty of both content to engage with and places to explore and it is reportedly excessively easy. It also seem to be just plain broken, with their engine being on life support for over a decade with no one capable around anymore who actually know how to make it work. So we get damage and player speed tied to frame rate, how’d they fix that? Lock the frame rate of course, you’ll still be screwed if you cant reach the lock though.

As if that all wasn’t enough, the microtransaction store seems to be ludicrously priced, as with everything Bethesda has done in that realm. Finally, as a nice little cherry on top, it’s starting to look a lot like a false advertising legal issue is about to crop up any day here. They sold the $200 collectors edition advertising a canvas carrying bag which was then switched with no notice to a flimsy nylon thing instead.

Bethesda has fallen and I’m hoping they just don’t bother to try and get up.


Interesting thread! :blush:

I’ll start off by saying that there are no games I regret buying.

The amount of research I do every single time I buy games – and bundles – borders on crazy and, allied to the fact that I’m not a person who oftentimes regrets her decisions, ensures that the worst that can happen is a game being underwhelming in the face of my expectations.

So here’s a brief list of games that didn’t hold up to my expectations:

  • VA-11 Hall-A
    Heavily focused on its visual novel aspects, I stopped at around 3/4 of the game and never picked it up again. The characters are well-written and the art is fantastic, I think my problem had to do with the game mechanics.

  • Ahnayro
    Puzzle game supposedly centered around dreams. Requires you to look up actual things in Wikipedia, etc, to figure out the puzzles. Got stuck in the last segment of the game because it involved timing. Stressful and, oftentimes, unclear game. The kind of puzzle game you will not solve entirely by yourself unless you take your sweet sweet time and log 50 hours in it while reading entire articles on Wikipedia and brute forcing your way without understanding why that was the correct answer.

  • Terraria, Stardew Valley, Slime Rancher
    You have a farm, take care of it. That is the game. It turns out I dislike these kinds of games because I have enough of a hard time trying to take care of myself. I do realize they are good games.
    FAQ: No, I’m not trying them out again. No, I’m not playing with you. Thanks.

  • Epistory
    The one exceptional things this typing game ads to its segment is looking pretty. It does so at the cost of a potentially good story and effective typing mechanics. It drags and you need to replay it to get all the achievements – which I didn’t do.

  • Human: Fall Flat
    I don’t think it’s funny. Yes, even with friends. Also, the servers suck.

  • Rumu
    Rumu has a sense of morality that is black-and-white. It doesn’t allow its characters to develop into gray due to its poor way of handling story telling and it honestly believes that it can make up for that through the use of cute levels and Gone Home-ish narrative choices.

  • Seasons after Fall
    I actually hate this game. Terrible platforming – seriously – and nonsensical puzzles. It’s not about being smart or thinking harder, it’s about making some kind of cult pact and hoping your blood is sweet enough for the devil to gobble up.

  • Everything

  • Neverending Nightmares
    The quality of the art and the quality of the terror are inversely proportional. The art is really great.

  • Pyre

  • Please Knock on My Door
    It’s like Everything’s pretentiousness and Rumu’s 50 shades of black and white had a baby and they called it “depression” with great voice acting.

Hah I could go on but that’s enough fun for me for today. I bet any of you could – and probably do – enjoy any or all of these games. As I said, this is just the struggle between reality and my expectations. :woman_shrugging:


My addition to the thread is something you Should wishlist, but not buy! Breathedge is a survival game, currently without a sandbox mode but an episodic storyline. The game is great, has huge potential, but unless they’ve released all 5 chapters of the story and implemented a free roam/sandbox style mode it is not worth the asking price. As of now there’s one chapter you can beat in 3 hours and that’s it. Next chapter is supposed to release at the end of this year.

I have to disagree. It’s the first physics-based game I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Screw Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and the like. Human: Fall Flat is actually fun to play! Plus it’s been bundled, so I don’t think anyone’s going to pay full price unless you’re wealthy and or financially irresponsible.
So yeah, if you’re going to pay full price then be aware it might not be for everyone, but if you get it for some pennies you won’t regret it.


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

I got it day of release for $20 and I still feel like I got ripped off. If you’ve seen the anime (and you should, it’s fantastic), then you’ll be pleased to know all the voice actors are back and the characters all look and feel just like they do on the show.

That’s the only nice thing there is to say about it. The rest of the game feels outright unfinished in pretty much every aspect. The hub is unreasonably hard to navigate, combat is boring and button mash-ey, and to top it all off, you get a limited number of saves. As in you need to drink a specific potion in able to save your game one time. WHY.


This is a good idea for a thread. I don’t really have any games (yet) to add to the thread, but it is good to know what others think on other titles before considering them.

My thoughts @ Fallout 76

Besides the law suit thing which is totally deserved, I’m actually hearing people having a good time in Fallout 76. It is just the critics and reviews they talk about that say otherwise. I think that’s weird there seems to be such a huge divide on such a supposedly horrible game. I mean, millions of people are (according to Beth, which granted we can’t really trusted) playing the game and if it was truly trash, why would they still play it?

I played the beta and I disagree with it entirely, but from the point that it isn’t a Fallout game, but it definitely didn’t feel as horrible as people are making it out to be (a $20 dollar game more like). Yea, it had some bugs and the performance was utter trash, but the game itself is really no different than any other MMO. Though I really hope this teaches them a hard earned lesson and that if they were thinking on making TESVI an online, souless game without NPCs, they better think again.

What’s wrong with them? The game seems absolutely fine to me. :open_mouth:


This is a neat idea. I’m usually wait quite a time before purchasing anything due not having a powerfull computer (when I upgrade I usually go with a solid option of 2 years ago or so) and well, not willing to pay full prices for most games.

This in addittion to a decent research, more and more when the game is expensive (I’m a cheap fucker so pretty much everything is expensive with a few exceptions) doesn’t make me a very good reviewer of new games for the sole reason I barely get any, even less if we just good at bad ones.

To make it clear, with new games we’re talking under 3 years since release, 5 years, 1 or how many in general?

Too big of a thread on his own, let alone mixing it with another. I recommend you checking “Games you should play” since it’s pretty much that adding they have a discount.