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New Free game from Epic Game Store 'Stories Untold' get it now until May 30th.




Thanks, @TR3NT :heart_eyes:


Looks neat, not my kind of game. Not today, Epic


Thanks for the info.


Thanks, will keep snatching these into an account I might never access… :man_shrugging:


I’m excited cos the next game is rime. Might have to download epic launcher after all :joy: :wink:
As for this I would also play it. Just need the time for all these gamez


No need to download the launcher unless you intend to actually play the games. You can claim the freebies through the browser side storefront.


Yeah I do that with uplay/ubisoft store as well. Not a way to play the games without launcher tho ofc. Well apart from fooling the exe to run directly through fiddly fishy ways.