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Nantucket - 11/26/19 - $9.99


Today’s deal is Nantucket!





Life is beautiful and broad, and the older we all get, the easier it is to realize that letting yourself get completely obsessed with something that’s always going to be just out of reach isn’t good for your mental health and alienates from the people who love you most. Anyway, today’s game is called Nantucket, and it’s the sequel to Moby Dick where years after the events of the book, you keep on chasing down the whale.

And yes, we realize that’s ironic, but here at, we’re all about keeping it real. And speaking of that, who names a whale Moby Dick, anyway? It’s like if a caveman read that story about Moby the music guy creepin on Natalie Portman and then had to quickly paraphrase it for someone. Point is, it’s a weird effin name. And what’s even worse is that the actual title of book is “Moby-Dick; or, The Whale”. We feel a little like Sean Parker in The Social Network saying this, but like, maybe shoulda just went with the second one? At least then teens wouldn’t make all those penis jokes…at least not about Moby Dick.

But yeah, instead of wasting your real life on an endless journey of revenge, buy Nantucket! It’s just like being filled with an all consuming rage against nature and your own humanity, except it’s all on your computer! Don’t get wrenched into the vortex by your neck! Buy Nantucket today!

The official trailer for Nantucket:

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A game about whaling? I’ll pass. I love whales, so I cannot even do anything that’ll hurt digital whales. :sweat:

Also, if anyone hasn’t read it, Moby Dick is one amazing book. I loved it to pieces. Ahab’s obsessive quest for The Whale is such a fanatical read. Still condemn whaling, but I condone reading the book. :joy:


I can’t help but feel a little sad the promo isn’t in limerick style.